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Welcome to Blimpstodon

Blimpstodon, at blimps.xyz, is a Mastodon instance for inflatable lovers and critters. We try to be lighthearted, literally and figuratively, but in order to do so, we need to lay down a few rules to make sure everyone has a swell time.


  1. You must be 18 years of age or older

    While we don't only serve adult content, this side of online communities has a strong adult focus. To ensure everyone's safety and well-being, minors are not permitted an account on blimps.xyz and if we find out you're lying your account will be suspended. You MAY be granted access again once you turn 18. If we find out you're dodging through another account, or lie that you're 18 after being reinstated, you will be permanently suspended from access.
  2. Be respectful

    Treat everyone on this and other instances with respect. We're definitely on the furrier side of things, so while I won't say "treat others like (I hope) you'd treat your mother", you get the idea.
  3. No bigotry

    Like "Be nice", racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and any and all forms of bigotry will not be tolerated, period. The furry community is meant to be welcoming to folks, not exclusive.
  4. Tag NSFW content as such

    While there is plenty of NSFW/adult content that this community can encompass, I expect everyone to use the Content Warning features of Mastodon to flag it as such to prevent automatically loading on others. If you will post it quite frequently, and don't wish to use the flags, you must set your account to locked when registering. We will use a three strikes system.
  5. Zero tolerance for attacks

    Repeating, there is zero tolerance for bigotry and personal insults. First offenders will have their toot moderated and given a final warning. Second offense is a ban from the instance.
  6. Report inappropriate behavior

    One of the great features for Mastodon is the ease of moderation in communities. Blimps.xyz expects all users to report any activity that violates the rules using the features built in to Mastodon for moderation and review. Use it!
  7. No spam

    This is somewhat self-explanatory but is also further outlined here. We have a zero tolerance policy for any spam or abuse of this instance and will restrict or remove your account for spam. Don't blast messages like crazy, restrict advertising to legitimate recommendations only.
  8. No doxing

    This counts as a personal attack and will not be tolerated. Blimps.xyz only collects information as outlined in our privacy policy, and will not release IPs or private information about users. You may not either. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

Thank you for working together to help make Blimps.xyz a fun place for all!

Keeping the fediverse federated, decentralized, and free of corporate interests is a community effort brought about by the numerous admins of instances. We each spend a little of our own time to help make the internet hopefully a more-fun place. If you can, a small token to my ko-fi can help keep this place going a bit longer.