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In the last two days I've spent an unreasonable amount of time making Terraria directly managed by systemd.

And it's still fucking messy ahah.

nsfw work in progress thing 

Now if you're trying to go for something like pan pizza you'll need to budget in a cast iron pan, so.... another $40 there but cast iron is so, so versatile, it's kind of amazing.

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Since, like, a bag of flour is about $3 (I buy unbleached, so it's a tinge more expensive. Bread flour's about that much, maybe a bit more.) A jar of yeast is about $5, maybe figure in like $10 for some olive oil. Pepperoni, cheese and sauce combined is probably around $15

I mean come on.

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Like at this point I think you can get the ingredients to make a shitload of pizzas for about that much, the only investment will be time and labor on your part.

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Not even like, a large specialty pizza. Just a large two-topping pizza.

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yeah uh I want a large pizza and some cheesy breadsticks.

"That'll be like $30 idk"

Giga Tonne, in the distance: "WHAT THE FU--"

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Thinking about how pizza is way too expensive from pizza chains.

Surprised there isn't a content warning option for nextcloud

I, a cattaur, get bapped with newspapers a bunch.


I was going to wait until the end of the month to post this but, nah.

need to like... finish fixing up that mewtwo model.... and make a synth mewtwo

Surprised someone hasn't edited Tears for Fears's "Shout" into "Shut"... making it into a song about telling someone to shut the fuck up.

If you point a cat detector at me it will probably explode.

No, I'm not talking about synths as in the species type, I'm talking about big honking modular synths that have a bunch of cables going around and make noises (often cool noises)

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