@nautilee I find deep core mining to be kind of frustrating at times despite how well it can pay out. Sometimes I'll drop into a hotspot and find nothing, other times I'll find a few asteroids with cores (but won't really have enough limpets to properly get stuff from them.)

That and the pulse wave analyzer doesn't make it immediately obvious which rocks are the good ones.

@nautilee I'm kind of itching to get a bigger ship to do mining and hauling said mining products in. I ended up just refitting the krait phantom for that for now.

@nautilee Some of the other ships in the game also have the cockpit be off-center for the pilot and anyone doing multi-crew. It's... weird. There's also a number that have the cockpit sit below most of the ship.

Every ship in the game has its own "feel" to it, I find. The Asp Explorer (pictured) has a cockpit that sits closer to the middle than the bottom.

I've also been using the free camera mode more often once I bound the controls to adjust depth of field. More games need photo modes (or even free camera modes) dangit.

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elite: dangerous is basically space trucking simulator most of the time for me and honestly, that's fine.

I'm watching Vinny's (Vinesauce) playthrough of Baba is You and you can just *hear* the gears turning in his head as he works through the puzzles.

Meta (basically aftershocks from October). 

thinking about the chicken slapper........

So I realized that with the impending release of Elite: Dangerous's "Odyssey" expansion we'll be able to actually recreate the "if there were two guys on the moon and one of them killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what" meme. Except it'll be with space guns.

uspol, birdsite 

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