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Hi, I'm a cat! If you want to contact me, here's how!

Discord: tiden#4169
Telegram: @tidenfelitaur


And if you're feeling super generous:

Amazon Wishlist:


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*Nervously walks up to the mic, looking around at the audience*



ok so serious question

what the hell is it with sandbox games getting mods that add bees that produce items

And even then I'm pretty sure Warframe runs on Linux via wine. Its anti-cheat, iirc, is entirely in user-space rather than having a kernel-level module.

Seems like the only things I boot into Windows for lately is Warframe and Rainbow Six: Siege. :ms_thinking_fire:

Weird opinion but I feel like the Frackin' Universe mod for Starbound is close to what I expected Starbound to be. c.c

Spoilers for The Matrix, sudden realization 

i've got a billion dollar idea for nintendo:


Ah, there's a possible tropical storm/hurricane bearing down on me. Oh dear.

No wonder the forecast and radar loop looked so weird last night

I'm half debating getting a "cheap" drawing tablet in the very near future. Been eyeballing different models from XP-Pen and Huion, and I'm wanting something that will work under Linux as well.

Most of what I use is and , and from what I can see drawing tablets generally work well with both.

so the warframe devs just announced a contest where the prize is... $250,000 towards A TRIP TO SPACE


monads, cryptids... same thing, right?

cats are endlessly powerful

source: am cat,

I don't know what it is about it but Bitmoji really puts me off.

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