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Hi, I'm a cat! If you want to contact me, here's how!

Discord: tiden#4169
Telegram: @tidenfelitaur


And if you're feeling super generous:

Amazon Wishlist:


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Hopefully these "hey I'm still alive" check-ins post-Ida aren't too annoying

tempted to start a telegram channel for goofy ffxiv names

gaming confessions 

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gaming confessions 

FFXIV shitpostig 

given that a recent patch (5.57) added the ability to directly log into a different world if there's congestion makes me think the feature's going to become available with next week's patch (5.58), which was part of the schedule for stuff leading up to Endwalker

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I'm also leaning super hard into having Tiden just be a chaos gremlin at this point

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Then again I've just been logging in and vibing and forgetting to run dailies oops

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A lot of my interactions lately have literally been:

- Helping SFM users figure out how to do things in Blender.
- Peeking my head into FF14's Novice Network to help all the WoW players that have been coming in.

Honestly, not bad.

no thoughts, only music from Yoshi's Story.

Cats that: hop into your lap when they want attention.

feeling like one of those cats that just has to nyoom all over the place

Thinking about the "Square-Enix fans, has this ever happened to you?" bit from the E3 2021 Scott the Woz video. It's... Accurate.

Realizing now that a lot of the things taught in school in math classes that are taught under the banner of "you'll need this later in life" probably aren't wrong. Also not ashamed to admit that I have to look up stuff outside of basic arithmetic from time to time.

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