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Hi, I'm a cat! If you want to contact me, here's how!

Discord: tiden#4169
Telegram: @tidenfelitaur


And if you're feeling super generous:

Amazon Wishlist:


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i need to get a pillow that just looks like a giant silica gel packet

deciding to cause myself psychic damage by trying to use really old versions of Blender

Meow but also zooming around in circles.

mm, yes, love too have packet loss on the WAN side of my connection :-)

Some days I'm just one of those gremlin cats that just want to be up in your lap 24/7.

how am i just now finding out that tumblr got sold off automattic, the big wordpress contributor

Thinking about being a swarm of tiny catfriends.

Thinking about Yoshi's Island again. Good game.

So some of the Loop Hero soundtrack sounds vaguely like stuff that would show up in the Star Soldier games from the Turbografx-16 and that's not a bad thing.

NFT, shitpost 

I don't think NeosVR is going to take off.

Mapping for Doom is tough, especially since what I think looks like a reasonably large map figure ends up being very small and cramped when I jump into the 3d view in Ultimate Doom Builder.

Meow but run through a low-pass filter.

... forgot i made a combination underwater/above-ground base called "Sealab 2020????" in No Man's Sky

I will say I like how weather rendering was changed in a more recent No Man's Sky update to make "Extreme" worlds feel, well, a tiny bit apocalyptic.

So I finished Quake and... it's a'ight. Died a lot. Underwhelming finale.

the new Infinity Shred album is out and folks, it's good.

I'm also coming to the realization that I'm turning into one of those people that will happily plug their music any chance that comes up. :(

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