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Hi, I'm a cat! If you want to contact me, here's how!

Discord: tiden#4169
Telegram: @tidenfelitaur


And if you're feeling super generous:

Amazon Wishlist:


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once i start posting kitten pics its over for you goobers.

gonna just thanos snap gender away tbh

pour-over coffee is pretty good, not gonna lie.

*Taps mic and leans in slowly* Blizzard Entertainment was never good.

inflation artists not defending garbage people challenge

kink, well-known pedo mention 

If you're following me you'll sometimes get interesting and/or funny toots from my dumbass brain.

The rest of the time it's just furry shit. Sorry not sorry. :ms_shrug:

nsfw, kinks mention 

So I just had my first mug of coffee made using freshly-ground beans and,

holy moley.

we don't deserve cats, they're too good.

I just saw this and now I'm going to subject all of you to it, too.

*Glances at a block of cheddar* ah, yes

enslaved bacteria

y'all ever just think about how most cheese is just spoiled milk?

actually wait, is there a formal name for the object commonly referred to as a witches hat?

steam: *goes down*

me, looking at the Source Filmmaker users while using Blender:

i love the goose from untitled goose game

consider: big goofy housecat-taur rolling around in catnip

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