The Y2K Aesthetic Institute just kills me. I'm not even sure I liked the Blobject look that much at the time but in retrospect I feel like I appreciate it so much more now. I really miss just having some damn color in my products.


And I don't mean RGB lights when I talk about color >.>

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It's funny because for a long time I didn't really consider the early 2000's to have a distinctive look. I just kinda felt like today's look just evolved a little from then but it was largely the same.

Hard to believe how much style has changed when you really look at it.

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Oh well guess I know where my robot 'sona's design aesthetic is going to be derived from. ✌️

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@spex It's important to have a 'sona that translates easily to a winamp skin.

@qdot ... There's a TF commission just waiting to happen 👍

@spex i 100% loved all the weird matrix shit and weird shapes and i wish it stayed around longer

LB: i am reminded of the website of the company i worked for in 1997 (whoa, over 20 years ago now!). we made a tool for authoring multimedia CD-ROMs

@spex wasn't a fan of the blobject look back then and still not a fan now - but yes, the colors were good. Bring back colors! (And transparent neon plastic!)

@spex That transparent neon plastic clubwear was not comfortable at all.

@spex pretty sure the jacket girl is just Naomi from SmackDown

@spex apple killed fun shapes

everything must be a perfect bar of soap

@greatjoe @spex ironically it was the first imacs and ibooks that helped introduced the then-new wave of fun colors and shapes :(

@spex I wish they were on fedi, I follow them on Tumblr already and I love it. it's like my childhood aesthetic in a tumblr

@spex god i loved those colored iMacs so much (especially the blue ones)

@spex I know I wasn't particularly into the look at the time, but god damn do I miss it with how monolithic everything's become since.

(and yeah I didn't think of it as an aesthetic of its own back then either but it's kind of amazing how much this stuff sneaks up on you; the early-mid '00s and the tail end of the '90s absolutely had their own look distinct from the earlier '90s and the late '00s/early '10s in retrospect)

@Thaminga yeah couldn't agree more about the monolithic part. Rectangles with subtle curved corners now.

Those curved corners are it too. They're that last bit of the early 2000s design era just hanging on for dear life!

@spex holy shit, the colors, the shapes, the genuine, soaring techno-optimism of it all, i love this whole style to pieces. i really hope this look will make a comeback like the 80s revival we seem to be going through

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