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NSFW / Inflation / Fatfur 

I really should find more active expansion artists on here but i have no idea to properly fiddle with search on Masto, at least not on this app im using

open for a fat dragon 

belly expansion,stuffing 

nsfw furry 

nsfw, stuffing 

Camila giving a bit of a performance at her local tavern

A thing I did as posing practice

nsfw, stuffing 

slime inflation,fatfur 

transformation, pooltoy, fruit TF 

inflation, popping, slightly older art 

I'll post more old art later (mostly will post my own characters next) but doing a little break to not spam feeds too much

inflation, slightly older art 

weight gain, fictional weaponry, older art 

fatfur,expansion,older art 

furry inflation, slightly older art 

Since i called off work today i might see about reuploading more art here today. Gotta let my laptop charge first tho

As for what'll get reupped I'll probably go as far back as 2019 stuff at the earliest, both a mix of my weird kink shit and the more tame stuff i did for an alt that got abandoned for not being centered around my weird bullshit

NSFW, inflation, rubber, big belly coyote 

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