furry nsfw, goop, expansion stuff 

okay this one's a bit saucier, furry, slimegirl 

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Weather balloon 

CW belly 

nudity and suggestiveness! 

chonky skunkgirls in bikinis! mebbe a little suggestive! 

CW / Belly 


sharing the comm im using as my pfp here

it's my sona trying on the outfit from her original design. as you might be able to guess becoming a girl can make old tanks into more of a crop top

art by my buddy Mocha at

anyone here got recommendations for expansion/fatfur art accounts? i wanna follow more here

macro,nudity,furry nsfw 

Furry,Inflation,drug mention 

nsfw, furry, penetration, dildo sitting, abdominal bulge 

NSFW / Inflation / Fatfur 

I really should find more active expansion artists on here but i have no idea to properly fiddle with search on Masto, at least not on this app im using

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