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Aww did the rubber toy forget to discuss conditions again before the gag and hood were placed over? Silly eager toys never learns. Keeps trying to pull the gagged muzzle out knowing full well there are too many locks.
#rubber #bdsm #bondage #rubbergimp

I think I have a career/lifestyle goal. I want to get a wfh position specifically so that I can get away with wearing at least some latex all day every day.

Ideally if I can get such a position either working for myself OOOR with an employer that's openminded enough that I can just wear full-body latex whenever I feel like it nobody who sees me cares.

#careergoals #latex #latexlifestyle

No Man's Sky - Potential Spoilers 

Attn: Furry Masto Admins - New Asonix Relay Server :) 

best friEND
doing college assignments at 4 am

only doing college assignments at 4 am has no fucking END

"God damn voice assistant shaped like a hamburger..." - @ceralor

people keep asking me

“why aren’t you staying through Sunday night?”

because i have work in the morning and can’t trust myself to get up on time.

also, i would rather not spend yet another night in my parents’ extra bedroom

i have had entirely too much PBR. ask me anything.

it is “bachelor party” night and i am in something close to hetero hell

this weekend is my brother's wedding and I am going to just be _exhausted_ the entire time, i bet

i'm the best man

i have to give a speech I haven't written yet

You can be a kind person with a good heart and still tell people to Fxck off when needed.
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"68 but the heat just ran" is hotter than "74 and the AC hasn't run for a while" send toot

ADHD Shit post, useless objects 

twitter, quote stolen. 

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