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sometimes I really hate video conference meetings

strike that...that's most of the time

(-) Job-based anxiety 

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(-) Job-based anxiety 

watching an Italian woman from Calabria be fed horrid American junk food by her husband just seems like the weirdest television

but that’s 2021 for you 📺

i swear, the microsoft 365 certification study courses are just one big marketing gimmick

it’s good to know that the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat sends an email notification if it detects a humidity level above 70%… thankfully it’s down below 50% now >.> 💡

very grateful to my friends in the HVAC repair professions today

i am no longer sitting in a 94% humidity house after a very courteous 20 min service call

an update with the FIBARO KeyFob:

so far it works pretty well with SmartThings, at least while inside the network. i haven’t gone anywhere with it outside the house yet, so that remains to be tested. you can use it to control the status of SmartThings Smart Home Monitor, which is what ...

i really could just look at pictures of puppies all day long, but unfortunately, work is a thing

there is nothing quite like working from home with no pants on

until your butt starts sticking to the fake leather seat >.>; stupid humidity

looks like the ceiling in the bedroom is doing bad things again.

guess who gets to go up in the attic.

We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her


they definitely didn’t teach me how to make PDF forms in school… maybe they should’ve

definitely didn’t teach me that you have to code your own warning box for the reset button

Working class? I don't have that one this semester

the saddest part about this is that my "Not Today, Satan" pile somehow always winds up being the largest one 🤔

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