Hi Blimps.xyz!

Blimps will be going offline in 6 hours for maintenance. We're currently on a much older version of Mastodon and will be updating to a 4.0 build c/o of @asonix (usually @asonix)

We MAY also be migrating from bare metal to a new VPS droplet running containerized, hopefully this will make further updates easier. Either way, Tusky media posting will work again!

@pax sometimes the latter is also the former; in the case of food, I liken it to a temptation to others that's also a courtesy


Game shows need the occasional group of Chaos Elderly Women wandering around interrupting the host.

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i love how CWs here have a dual purpose:

informing followers and others of possibly risqué or potentially upsetting content


sort of like the subject line in email or the heading of a tumblr/cohost/pillowfort post

Home-made Chicago Pizza! 

Home-made Chicago Pizza! 

Home-made Chicago Pizza! 

i'm just grumpy because I haven't had coffee yet. don't mind me.

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morning quiet time? not today.

someone fell asleep on the couch, again. And woke up talkative.

The whole of blimps.xyz realizing they have less than 40 hours to inflate up to parade volume, though.

@SirKinkSteel @KinkTodd i haven’t cracked mine open, but it could be I would think

[ - ] Work-related griping 

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