squinting at spreadsheets all day long makes me see gridlines in my dreams

and i hate it

@pax Was having that at work, where I do a bunch of Geographic Information Services stuff and started seeing parcel borders all over landscapes. Hasn't happened since I figured out the level of effort I can put in that work still thinks is a full reasonable effort.

@Austin_Dern funny... I work in tax sales, so I'm staring at GIS stuff all day too 😆

@pax Heh! Good luck not taking it seriously and I hope you're not the person I'm supposed to be video-chatting with in five minutes.

@pax When she was in grad school my wife had a summer job at a title insurance company that was an intense pit of soap opera drama that she's really glad she got to see, but also got to just walk away from one day and never come back.

@Austin_Dern that seems to come with the territory apparently. My office is much the same way and I'm about to make a move out >.>

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