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i’m here to spread positive affirmations and blushy thoughts (with permission, ofc)

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Sup! I’m Pax. I’m, if you also exist in that space.

Mastodon is new to me. Let’s see if it works out. :3

rubber, fetish headwear, dog 


fuck 2020

that is all. no, not otherwise important

Lenovo’s having like a crazy laptop sale btw if you’re in the market. I stumbled across it on accident this morning cuz I’ve been staring longingly at a pimped out Legion 5i for the last few days

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tfw you review your overall past internet activity and attempts at "privacy" and you're embarrased to have ever been on the internet before now

have you considered replacing your face with a cute mask

boost this toot if you installing windows 2%
Don't turn off your PC

SNL live (for me anyway) toots 

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SNL live (for me anyway) toots 


Gotta have blue switches on my keyboard

Don't know if things are working right unless it sounds like a stableful of horses dancing the tarantella

TheAlgorithm™ is throwing some weird-ass youtube videos tonight i swear

cannabis indica influenced shitposting 

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