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i’m here to spread positive affirmations and blushy thoughts (with permission, ofc)

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Sup! I’m Pax. I’m, if you also exist in that space.

Mastodon is new to me. Let’s see if it works out. :3

playing the sims consists of overbuilding houses my sims cannot afford

then using cheat codes to make them afford it

@pax someone needs to bring up messages about DRLs at night because far too many fullsize black crossovers forget what full lights are here.

(as an aside DRLs were a fucking mistake)

so... the DOT in my state recently held a contest for new driver safety messages to show on those LED message board things over the roads and...

these results. D A M N. the level of sass; i’m living for it

β€œDrive like your momma is watchin’.”

:mario_msgblock: PSA for users

Mastodon's full text search functionality is not enabled for use on our instance. I can't find my keys and you can't find your toots...seems only fair.


@pax it's like a regular boy, but they have regenerative braking and get you HOV lane access and a 3500 USD rebate with each purchase.

β€œanniversary is boring. i like β€˜work birthday’ better”


i have actual coworkers like this

been watching β€œWork in Progress” on Shotime and it’s good stuff

seriously poignant and funny at the same time, while portraying queer and trans characters

why can’t we have more of this??

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