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i’m here to spread positive affirmations and blushy thoughts (with permission, ofc)

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Sup! I’m Pax. I’m, if you also exist in that space.

Mastodon is new to me. Let’s see if it works out. :3

tension lingers like cheap cigarette smoke, refusing to settle and coming back with a vengeance at the slightest provocation

one can only stare at spreadsheets for so long before the grid lines start to appear before your resting eyes

hiding under blankets as the precious few moments of solitude tick away, despite me

ffxiv looks pretty but

i don't need another time sink ;~;

someone let the magic smoke out of one of the computers at work and is now complaining it won't come back on

huh... it doesn't go back in, y'know? once you let the magic smoke out...

apologies...this should probably have had the CW attached to it but i didn't know what to put there

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cannot fathom how frustrating it is to have MicroManager(tm) blasting updates to the entire company about coworker's family member's health issues

while my own significant other's health issues are just questioned and questioned... like I'm lying about them? which I'm not??

if i were more certain that I had enough money in the bank to ride out the time between now and Labor Day

i’d quit tomorrow, lol

squinting at spreadsheets all day long makes me see gridlines in my dreams

and i hate it

I'm existing and basically? It's fucking disgusting

Finally cool enough in the kitchen for me to chop this watermelon I got today in half so I can fit it in the fridge so it can be cold and tough to make it easier to cut lol

another office edict will be handed down from on high soon.

looks like the as-of-yet unspoken and unwritten Work From Home Rules will finally be “official”

in an email. as usual.

i realize otters are not "appropriate" pets but

GOD they're so cute

can I hide in the bathroom for the next hour so I don’t have to do another file

chronicles of the excessively micromanaged, part whatever:

the MicroManager™ has gotten upset that people are just working from home whenever due to the office’s rather lax work from home policy. we are now required to work in the office at least 3 days out of 5.

knew this would come ...

sometimes I really hate video conference meetings

strike that...that's most of the time

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