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I've had an idea for a variant tf ring in my head for a while, and wanted to draw up a design sheet for it like I did for the original rings. Got a lot wordier than I expected (thanks, twitch chat), but I'm happy with the result!
#art #transfur #tfeveryday #tftuesday

morenatsu + renpy on python 3.7 

"@ceralor (this toot is both a mention test and stuff) your custom emotes look really cool in cli mode :P"

@ceralor my site is fairly 100% static and it exists within a special kind of versioning filesystem called ipfs ipfs.io/

So I found a bub and now he's hogging all the power outlets and won't stop beepin'!
A gift for @Enduard5121 on twitter!

honost kinda wierd funfact 

2ndary idea: using a pooltoy fur to store and transport micros to thier destination safely.

idea: a bunch of micros using a balloonly fur as a kind of hot air balloon

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