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Hi I'm Shaun. I am extremely lorge and soft

Give me all your snacks and old computers

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There's a high chance I will probably talk about very esoteric computery things that I work on

Also I may post LORGE fat things at times, since that's a thing that does here

talking with children who were born in 2005

me: you were born after shrek
them: nooooo
me: shrek 2 came out in 2004
then: NOOOOO

If you don't watch a series in its entirety, you're not a *true fan*.

If you watch a series in its entirety, you're still not a *true fan*.

You're only a *true fan* if you're powered by electricity, have multiple blades, and spin around really fast.


Gonna fucking boot this piece of shit off the SD card like they intended

Then set up an NFSroot Gentoo and just use that forever

Fuck Debian

Can't ping it

Can't get any response via keyboard

Nuking various systemd services has no effect

I finally get the Pi to netboot properly

And then Raspbian inexplicably hangs itself on either "starting /sbin/init" or one of the services starting

Doing init=/bin/bash causes a panic

This is why I absolutely loathe using Debian for anything. I don't even know where to begin to triage what the fuck might be going wrong with a system I can't gain any insight into |:

I got nagged into buying a Raspberry Pi 4

Of course the moment I sit down and try to actually do some productive work with the thing, it comes to a screeching halt due to buggy firmware

The Pi 4 supports SD card-less "network boot" except whoops it doesn't actually WORK for some reason(?)

Also in order to add that they removed USB boot "for now"

So now I get to SD boot my Pi 4 to mount an nfsroot so I can use it to write SD cards >:[

you see, the pervasive theme of the "old ones" throughout Lovecraft's writing is a reflection of his debilitating fear of boomers

I don't use, nor particularly like their products on a personal level

But fucking Christ nothing makes me stop paying attention to a group chat more than when someone starts obsessively bitching about Apple

The only thing worse than Apple fanatics are the anti-Apple crusaders

Genuinely shattered for my UK friends

We've been stuck with these idiots since 2013

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