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Hi I'm Shaun. I am extremely lorge and soft

Give me all your snacks and old computers

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There's a high chance I will probably talk about very esoteric computery things that I work on

Also I may post LORGE fat things at times, since that's a thing that does here

Australia reacts to Victoria lockdown (July 7th, 2020. Colorized)

So that whole Tux vs. Xenia debate over the Linux Mascot title got me thinking

I like Xenia as a character but she's not exactly mascot-y. Mascots should be distinct in silhouette and have a logo-able design.

So I decided to try making a Xenia logo! 3 different kinds, in fact!

(they did the smash)
they did the keyboard smash
(they did the smash)
it was a graveyaksajfd;lj;lkjga;lkjdkjfl;jlkdjf

What if we put Richter Belmont's head on top of Richter Belmont's body! 

Yo if you’re cis, IMO you should consider changing your name. Not like “it’s a thing you need to do” but have you ever considered ur name? How do you feel about it? Want a new one?

everyone deserves the chance to pick their own name you should try it at least once and see if you like it

Bad enough when you start abusing the fucking admins for piercing your shit bubble

I remember now why I don't just join random furry Telegram groups

Me: "Hey this person is a transphobe"




It's very jarring hearing someone you don't talk to much utterly insist you're some kind of "tech guru" or "tech genius" as they put it

When in reality you've been outclassed by all your friends and peers and barely have the energy to crawl out of bed each day

I kept having a situation where doing a right click -> Open With would cause Explorer to completely lockup and require me to kill it from task manager

After Googling it I installed CCleaner and it "fixed" it

It also blew away all my saved logins and browser auto completes >:[

@Lyude open source projects should not have an inherent responsibility to pledge allegiance to companies that don't want to contribute back. It's literally this simple.

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Attention: active contributors telling you that you, a company with millions to billions in profits, that you should consider open sourcing something (with offers of said community helping fix issues in doing so) instead of trying to make an ancient portion of X11 work for your closed source application is not gate keeping. An open source project telling you they don't want to go out of their way to support your closed source project is _not gate keeping_. It is a choice -you- are making.

So, remember about a month ago when stuff about the Linux Fox Girl went around? Someone reportedly tracked down Alan Mackey, and got his blessing on giving her a name (Xenia), and accidentally confirmed the character to be trans.


I wanted to use this on a shit bucket elsewhere but his post got deleted

got shadowbanned from a vintage tech group for refusing to shut up about current events

proud of it ngl, they're largely apathetic cuntbags anyway

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