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Hi I'm Shaun. I am extremely lorge and soft

Give me all your snacks and old computers

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There's a high chance I will probably talk about very esoteric computery things that I work on

Also I may post LORGE fat things at times, since that's a thing that does here

That's impossible, perhaps the archives are incomplete?

Like I haven't worked there since 2016 but it's just a goddamn burden
of knowledge I have to carry forever

This is basically how I feel joining any discussions about TV or Telecommunications

mr sandman
sand me a man
make him the smoothest
200 grit can

"lets put some real thickness" TERRY CREWS PLEASE

The gender of the day is a cute dragon in a 1990s mall.

Yeah, I use anti-aliasing. Sometimes you just need something to take the edge off.

Commissioners always get SUPER awkward when I give them my PayPal email address

Like. Yes. It's That's my website. That's my online handle for everything for the last two decades :C

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I'm watching "The Pixar Story" and they're talking about painstaking computer animation and trying to really bring things to life

I really finally understand that feel. Probably in a way that is my own fault, because I have absolutely zero idea how to use Sony Vegas, but I try anyway

You can't change the FUCKING graphics settings in Katamari Damacy Reroll until you beat the first level?

Even though the game is literally running in UNITY, you can't just hit alt+enter to full screen it even

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