Just got new user rank in VRC last night, and I just uploaded this cutie today! Sooo excited!

In addition to being useful, Elstiqs also make great cuddle hammocks, assuming you've got a couple trees available... as Crayola has clearly found out.

Adorable art by FelisRandomis

Just had one of those vivid dreams again!

I had found an inflatable suit that closely resembled an IW fox, and I had a friend helping me try it on while defending me against my brothers chastising me during the whole process.

I distinctly recall there being a fox muzzle-shaped mask for me to put on. It had triangle shaped eye slits and a hose that ran to the nose of the suit. I’ll never forget feeling everything slide into place on my head, arms, and upper body, settling into place perfectly.

Personal stuff - health update 

Just need to finish this last night shift and I’ll be free for the next 10 days! FWA is so close~ Can hardly wait!

Anyone have good recommendations for a phone app client I can use Mastodon with?

I'm sure there's a ton of android apps that could be used, but I was given an iPhone 13 as part of a family plan my mother purchased.

Oh to be a soft pooltoy floating lazily in the warm pool in the sun~

With recent news involving Twitter, I'm actually quite bemused how many people have decided to give Mastodon a try. Really glad I did, that's for sure!

Well, I learned that my local Tire Kingdom gouges big time on parts. They quoted me almost $1000 to replace the outer and inner tie rod ends for my steering, and replace some leaking valve cover gaskets.

The inner tie rods alone were $120 each, and $60 for a set of gaskets. The rest of that was labor charge. I'm sorry, it shouldn't take three hours to swap valve cover gaskets.

I walked out of the O'Reilly with everything I needed, plus oil/filter for $150.

I seem to have a lot of friends with birthdays in April! Although I keep offering to be their birthday balloon, there just isn't enough foxyloon to go around for everyone.

It's moments like these where I wish I could clone myself, or at least be able to make regular fox balloons in my likeness to give out.

Vore references 

Cleaning out my late father’s workshop has proven to be quite the endeavor! I’ve only managed to get halfway there so far, but it’s a huge improvement from where I first started.

Here’s the latest progress I’ve made so far, sorting a ton of miscellaneous hand tools! He worked in many construction fields in his lifetime, including electrical, carpentry, plumbing… You name it, he did it! This mass of tools really cements that fact, hehehe!

Just got back from seeing Sonic 2! It's an absolutely great movie, especially for fans of the series.

Without spoilers, all I can say is that the attention to detail is amazing. From little Easter egg references of the games, to the way the characters were portrayed, nothing felt too contrived or unbelievable throughout the whole movie.

For example, I wasn't a fan of Jim Carrey as Robotnick in the first movie, but his goofy antics work so well here!

Definitely recommend seeing it!

Hello~ Just joined a day or so ago, and I'm getting the impression this is a pretty chill server so far.

Also, really loving the notification sound!


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