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Hey, I'm Dzuk, and I'm a big balloon orc. I've been around on the fediverse for a long time but I figured I'd float around here for a change for my private/puffy-posting account. ^^

This account is locked (18+ only) but is open to people I know and anyone who seems trustworthy enough.

Weather balloon 

(Hey, it's that time of the month again, I am sorry x.x)

I recently fled long-term domestic abuse and I am slowly getting help but working has been a long-term struggle (I have meds, work is a bit easier!). I have been working a bit better, and I sold some belongings I don't want to help things out, but I still need £260 by the 24th Nov meet a bunch of bills.



I'm also open to general icon commissions! (I do not have a page about that yet)

Balloon animal 

hey all #kinky people. It would be great if you could remember to add alt texts to your #photos. I'm blind and I'd love to know what your #pictures are telling me. I'm #horny too and those #NSFW photos can turn me on.

Thank you very much to those of you who already put #AltText on your photos.


I totally missed this in the rules, but they also think they're the arbiter of what kinks are 'extreme' or not (Which they even openly admit that their 'extreme' category was formerly disparagingly called 'NSFL')

These people are doing the 'respectable furry' routine, they should be 100% shunned.


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Looking at it more, I would definitely not recommend Itaku if you're looking for other alternatives to Twitter:

- It's unclear who runs it or what their financial state is like from a glance of their pages
- They have zero rules against bigotry, but they do have one that says 'no politics' (

These aren't the kinds of people whose rules I want to be living under

Improving my skills with a still life painting of water balloons (some random photo I found in an image search) ^^

Did a little thing for @Selph of Sephis' Horned form!

(CW: inflation, null nudity)

Long time no see, have a more updated pic of me~

(CW: Inflation)

Fetish, Inflation, Slime 

Alligator lookin' mighty full there 🐊 👀

RTs and comments appreciated ♥

@Selph (just posted that to give you the creak sound, lol)

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When a collective wishes for something "exciting," and "uplifting" to "expand their horizons," it can have some unforeseen repercussions when those wishes reach the ears of a magical creature like Selph.

Who's more than willing to grant them. The economy of the city might be saved from undue inflation, but not its population. Be careful what you wish for!

At least the purple fog will give the tourism industry a nice boost!

(Art: Glaz)

Oh yeah, forgot to post me! I'm a purple goblin balloon now and this is what I look like ^//^

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