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Been quiet while prepping for and away at FWA, was a great con ^.^

Aaaa I need to fully re-texture my avatar, I wanna get proper normals on it for a squeaky texture to work well with Poiyomi. And another version with a shirt!

Vibrating heavily wondering why my final interview is requesting 2-3 hours for it versus the coworker and manager ones being 45 minutes each and also hoping I'll do well aaaaaaaa

Squeaky shoutposting 

More Unity VR Chat rambling 

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More Unity VR Chat rambling 

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Been doing a lot of work in Unity learning about animations and how they work for VR Chat, and was able to tweak and even fix a broken one for a collar tag position, and edit a blendshape animation to better look 'puffy'!

Even added toggles for my gay bracelet, the glow of it, and a new glow on my collar tag itself! Next up is to fix the shape animations to be less broken or janky and start adding more features ^^ may try to polyreduce the FBX too.

Alligator lookin' mighty full there 🐊 πŸ‘€

RTs and comments appreciated β™₯

CW / Belly 

So I'm probably gonna add an animator value to this that plays rubbery stretch sounds when it passes X amount of stretch aaa, so cute and toony!! I wonder if I can tweak other avatar params based on those interactions; booping the nose making it or belly fwoomp a bit x3

But seriously this plus help learning about params and animations from a friend has me reinvigorated in this space and eager to do fun stuff and spend time with friends in VR more often ^^

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Oh hey, welcome all new blimps! Hope you find it cozy! As part of the fediverse, blimps relays with a number of other furry servers to help with discovery! The Fediverse/Global/Public tab lists public posts from all users within the relay network as well as other users Blimps is aware of.

Of note as well: this server will be upgraded soon, but no data will be lost! I'm either moving to docker-based, or going to sit down for the transition to newer software in updating the underlying server.

I know I have a bunch of domains already but I kinda feel like it'd be neat to have a shorter domain that's easy to say out loud ("coyotes in dot space" is hard to say clearly) and kinda more 'me' but IDK what I'd even go with.

Good morning did you know even inflatable coyotes need sleep? It's true. Anyway for unrelated reasons I may be very puffy with carbonation from energy drinks today so how's your morning going?

Inflation, latex, costume, merging 

Possibly pressing pause for now because I'm not entirely sure what to do for upgrading Postgres since it wants to upgrade from 10 to 12 in the LTS update, and my walf wants to play disc golf so I'll resume later today!

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Upgrading the host to the newest LTS Ubuntu, and then will be doing a VERY big Mastodon update courtesy of @asonix for their excellent help <3

I MAY also be migrating to a docker-based setup. I've been using Docker extensively at home for running dozens of containers at once, and I really like the ease of maintenance.

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