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"I'm not pupy, I'm not pupy," I say as I fight urges to awoo.

Instant Messaging PSA 

Food, spicy Chicago giardiniera canning 

I normally don't tgif but thank I'll tfif, thank fuck it's Friday

Also partly because my new graphics card arrives today! And my new case but I can't use that one yet, no point in moving all my shit to it from my old one until I get my entire rest of new parts in in the coming week. But at least I can do that VR furry con this weekend maybe!

Food: Fermentation! 

Kink, rubber/latex, anubis, inflation 

Hi Fediverse! Sorry I've been so very quiet recently on here! I'm trying to get better in keeping my head on straight. I need to prod around here more-often, y'all are so nice ;w;

Also planned to make a simple re-poster that would take anything I post from my Switch and cross-post it here automagically, haven't quiiite gotten to that point. Need to figure out the best way to do that either using Home Assistant or a standalone cron'd script.

birdsite, cursed trending hashtags 

Food! Fun breakfast food~ 

Yap! About to stream some over at ^.^ Come watch some turnip fun, some landscaping work, and maybe having fun with some villagers!

I've been happily wearing my collar around my house all day except when showering or on a video call with family/psych and it's been really fun ^^

Also good morning fedi how're you? Sorry I've been absent again aaaa

Ring Fit scalper price nonsense 

Have been utterly obsessed with Ori and the Will of the Wisps music ugh, I want to play more but I feel like I should get a new graphics card first so I can be a dork and play full res on my living room TV >.>

stupid tik-tok food memes 

Hi users!

There have been 35 queueing accounts, all of which are spam, and half were requested last night. As a result, is temporarily going to invite-only mode. If you know a friend who wants in, you're more than welcome to generate an invite URL to send them! General applications are disabled however.

Awooo hi fediverse and Blimps! I've been kinda rough week so I've been unable to give much attention. Might focus more here, turn autoshow CW back off to help filter to keep better minded. Maybe post some commissions ^^

As before, to update it clear your cache for

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Little update to the squeak for the boop, increased the volume to try and make it easier to hear. Other squeak seems not quite fitting.

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