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Hi Y'all, pardon my lack of presence. I'm going to be doing some major updates here, and see if I can't get a better hold of stuff in general. I may be seeking adding a mod as well; with my RL situation I've been severely lacking in spoons lately but I still want to offer this place.

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Hoping to breathe life back into this instance; at one point I considered shutting it down but I'd really rather not do so, it's easily still affordable for me monthly and I want folks to have this kind of fun space :3

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Good morning fedi, I'm going to drink enough coffee to turn into a waterbed

I'm so glad I bought the club-sized pack of butter; I'm gonna be going through 2lbs of the stuff today making cookie doughs



I want to get on VRC more often but I also want to spend time with my boyfriend and also games and guitar and chores and aaaa

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Baked Claire's molasses spice cookies for a furry Friendsgiving event and they turned out wonderful ^^ Chewy and not too overwhelming in spices and I love the cracked appearance!

Hmm, what's the better option these days for an Android client? Or is there a better one I've not listed?

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