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You come back to your Mastodon account after a year of letting it gather dust. It's hard to remember everything here, how it works, but as you dust off your profile, and look around, you find something, and pick it up. Looking around, you hold it out, and say, 

Thinkin' bout

Big squeaky werewuffloons again >.>

Ok so yeah Imma slip into my boo form temporally cause everything going on with everyones sonas is waaay to much of a mood to not join in uwu.

Dont worry rubber wuff will still be around in art and resume being so once November strikes~

Food: homemade pizza! 

REALLY enjoying Hades; I picked it up yesterday but didn't start til today, and it's immensely fun!

Sloshy Toy Wuff 

Bloated Blimpy Wuffle 

Hi Blimps, should I change the notification 'boop'?

Food, baking, cooking at home, pretzels 

Actually does beer yeast work well for baking for making like, beer pretzels?

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TFW needing to hit up a brewing supply store to make pretzels


Bottom culture is putting ^^ at least once in every reply where someone shows even the slightest hint of affection to you

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