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Also it's still Macro March so uh 

Good morning fedi cuties, I'm torn between either making Pillsbury orange-iced cinnamon rolls, trying to figure out if I do in fact have the means of making pancakes from scratch, or just eating some of the manager-special-priced donuts I got from Kroger on Thursday.

New computer musing 

I know it's not fall anymore but this icon is so cute ;w;

Spacing apart in a queue is human kerning.

Question for folks, for thermostats, if yours is a wifi cloud-controlled one, do you use the cloud scheduling service or do you use HA to control scheduling completely and just use the cloud connection as the access means? Unfortunately mine is not locally controllable, even through HomeKit (I should have researched first, I know, and I can't really return or sell it easily >.<)

Today feels like a good day to just be a cute gay inflatayote on the interbutts but work still works despite being from home.

At least it feels like it's settling down. Weirdly, I was the only person on my team (tier 3/infrastructure) that was working from an office constantly, but it's the office I started working at 7 years ago as data entry so I just kept working there the whole time, was only on-site tech staff since July 2018 til 6 months ago, and been training him since.

tonight's sketches:

* konsti gets to see what it's like to be tall
* hickory just wants to say hi
* hickory thinkin bout.. boys prolly
* konsti's new pupyBook G3!

couldn't help but flesh out lil konsti's puppyBook G3 and his example of cute computing

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HELLO! I'm sorry I've been so nonpresent lately, work has been hellish and I'm WFH home and hopefully I'll be able to address problems or something

Seen as I'm still in the old Sonic OC kick, here's old JOS, who wasn't half rock

And by the end of me doing Sonic fan stuff was half mage half computer expert. I'd say unlike modern JOS he was a little undefined but tbh so is modern JOS

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TFF2020 musing 

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Inflation related poll 

Macro, Inflatable 

And I'm sorry I've been mega-quiet, I want to keep this place active, but I've been busy, and had a lot of trouble engaging online lately. Derp.

And we're up to date! Thank you again to @asonix for their help <3

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