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Semi-NSFW, inflatable restraints, xmas theme 

NSFW, restraints, heavy inflation, squeaky, xmas theme 

NSFW, restraints, heavy inflation, squeaky, xmas theme 

Semi-NSFW, inflatable restraints, xmas theme 

Yap! Hope folks are having a good holiday season! Squeakyotie hugs for all ^^

HELLO fedi folks! Going to be working on dusting off some stuff here, cleaning up a little here and there, a few updates here and there to the newer Mastodon release, and welcome to the new folks!

Hihi fedi, and blimps! Sorry I've been super absent. I've been really busy with a lot of stuff with moving into my new place, and now training a new guy at my workplace. Going to be not super around cause I'll be traveling a great deal over the next 2.5 weeks, but I'll try to be around more after! :kay_happy:

Is it worth it to get gel polish setup for my nails instead of lacquer? And if so, what brands and kind of setup? I see some that don't require UV and some that do.

Decided to be extra gay and painted nails, ehee. Kay-claw brown for fingers and glimmering purple for toes

MH(+), medication 

Government contract ranting 

Fuck, sorry about that y'all. Apparently Nginx isn't auto-reloading the new certificates for Blimps; we're back online.

Pinned toot time! :3 I'm Koebi, a toony, tubby Arcanine (previously a wolfmutt)! I am also:
- gray ace and open poly
- big and soft and pretty okay with that
- sometimes quiet
- sometimes way too
:s_wide: :h_wide: :i_wide: :t_wide: :p_wide: :o_wide: :s_wide: :t_wide: :y_wide:
- a non-zero amount kinky
- okay fine, i'm a lot kinky
- overall pretty friendly
- incredibly weak against paws, rubber, paws, socks, paws, OTHER ARCANINES and paws
- sleepy most of the time

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