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Hewwo good morning I'm sleepy but you can do the good thing today, I believe in you, and you can always trust coyotes

Well maybe not always but trust coyotes on this at least

Okay managed another doodle, more mischievous

Still dodgy proportions IMO

Minor work grumbling, leash/collar mention 

Hypno, meditation, kink, sub 

Hypno, meditation, kink, sub 

Inflation shitpost 

Internal corporate bullshit 

LB in reference to blimps getting spam account-applications for DriveSavers and others for Cialis

So this just happened and I'm a little proud of myself 😎

I might be getting into making a few custom accessories like bandanas or bracelets or such simpler clothing-style accessories from vinyl or latex!

I've been liking wearing a bandana along with my collar, and my sona has one in some art. But he's shiny and the bandana isn't, so I figured it'd be cute and fun to reverse that. ^^


PHP wtf-ery 

Ex split stuff, birdsite corp accts mention 

Bring back rainbow computers, I want to show everyone how gay I am

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