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Minor work grumbling, leash/collar mention 

Hypno, meditation, kink, sub 

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Hypno, meditation, kink, sub 

Inflation shitpost 

Internal corporate bullshit 

LB in reference to blimps getting spam account-applications for DriveSavers and others for Cialis

So this just happened and I'm a little proud of myself 😎

I might be getting into making a few custom accessories like bandanas or bracelets or such simpler clothing-style accessories from vinyl or latex!

I've been liking wearing a bandana along with my collar, and my sona has one in some art. But he's shiny and the bandana isn't, so I figured it'd be cute and fun to reverse that. ^^


PHP wtf-ery 

Ex split stuff, birdsite corp accts mention 

Bring back rainbow computers, I want to show everyone how gay I am

Dhfjkahagdgfkjdgaga even my meditation app wants me bappypaws today :kay_teased:

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