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*hops onto your timeline* hey y’all (art by cownterspell on twitter)

About to stream more Dishonored over at ^.^ Come watch and visit Dunwall!

Hey, I have some more slots open for emoji commissions!

I can do emoji sets of your OC, emojified version of yourself as a display pic, instance emoji, Twitch partner emotes and more~

You can find details and rates at and you can DM @kiilas if you're interested :)

How would inflatables even get goosebumps!?

me: okay print a list of the ordinal numbers

python: 1st

me: yes

python: 2nd

me: good

python: 3nd

me: no

python: 4nd

me: STOP

hi folks! new #introduction for my new profile on

i'm Ciarán/kiki (@kiki_d), and i make music as drembot - mostly electronic instrumentals but i'm currently working on new material which may actually involve me singing, eek

i post about music that i'm listening to, i like to compile playlists every once in a while, i love getting recommendations, and generally just enjoy music chats

very happy to be here!


Slightly cursed food name admin things 

inflation Shitpost 

Starting to stream Dishonored at ^.^ Let's visit Dunwall!

Gonna do a birthday stream of Dishonored in about 30 minutes

Dropbox? Google Drive? OneDrive?

Back in my day we uploaded files to gmail as attachments and we ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶d̶ ̶i̶t̶ no it was terrible let's never go back.

Puffy shitpost 

Squeaky, macro 

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