boomers, covid-19, not taking it fucking seriously 

@byte "mom can we get relevant videos?"
"we already have relevant videos at home"
the relevant videos at home:

april fools drawing 

Tummy blurgh 

Blimps! If your sound effect plays way long, your browser cached an un-cropped version I accidentally uploaded. Clear your cache and it'll behave.

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@Kye Something like that! <3 is set for the day x3 I have the originals backed up.

If people like or don't mind the sound change for the day I might keep it as a fun unique aspect of, otherwise can go back to the standard boop.

But at least if you get a notification here you'll know which instance it's from with multiple instance tabs!

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Blimps seems a bit...squeakier today~

(now that I have the files properly redone!)

@byte I should find a nice brief 'squeak' sound to replace Blimps' with.

april fools drawing 

@FormulaAzureJackal Cause I never found a good enough short sound to replace it and it's a PITA to replace

@FormulaAzureJackal Not planning any! March has been a stressful year for everyone, and I'm not even sure what I would do, short of trying to replace that audio blip with a rubber squeak.

amzn woes 

amzn woes 

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