Government contract ranting 

Fuck, sorry about that y'all. Apparently Nginx isn't auto-reloading the new certificates for Blimps; we're back online.

Pinned toot time! :3 I'm Koebi, a toony, tubby Arcanine (previously a wolfmutt)! I am also:
- gray ace and open poly
- big and soft and pretty okay with that
- sometimes quiet
- sometimes way too
:s_wide: :h_wide: :i_wide: :t_wide: :p_wide: :o_wide: :s_wide: :t_wide: :y_wide:
- a non-zero amount kinky
- okay fine, i'm a lot kinky
- overall pretty friendly
- incredibly weak against paws, rubber, paws, socks, paws, OTHER ARCANINES and paws
- sleepy most of the time

But yeah moving is hard but a good step forward

Moving into new place! (Food mention) 

@ben ah manual Bs. So may as well be hardcoded. Eww.

@ben actually wait is that hardcoded? Iirc you had to do something to effectively "offer up" your instance

Conspiracy Corner at Burger King 

Conspiracy Corner at Burger King 

Horny shitpost 

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