@ihddn Aaaa that's adorable! <3 Gotta turn that :airtank: flow up! :kay_mischievous:

My head is full of nothing but incredibly gay balloon thoughts hello

Wondering if slower there in vm than hardware; on my laptop it's absurdly faster than Apt with 99% fewer package conflict crapouts x3 I admittedly haven't used any other package managers in some time besides apk on alpine

βœ‹ phone as a hotspot

πŸ‘‰ phone as an ethernet router

Hi Blimps! Next week I'll likely be taking the server offline temporarily for maintenance! We'll be spinning up onto a new droplet with either a clean install of Mastodon (OS upgrades are messy sometimes) OR containerization to make future upgrades easier.

Hopefully this won't be more than a few hours!

Sketched on stream from my prompt generator!
Husky inflated by a potion. 🎈🐢πŸ§ͺ

RTs and comments appreciated β™₯

IRL Latex tum 

IRL latex, bulge 

@Austin_Dern What is latex paint for if not painting someone into latex, after all? :3

Liking that outfit so much I worked on making an edit to my avatar texture to include it. All of this is just materials in Substance Painter, including the zipper >.>

IRL latex, bulge 

IRL latex, bulge 

IRL latex, bulge 

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