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NSFW, restraints, heavy inflation, squeaky, xmas theme 

Semi-NSFW, inflatable restraints, xmas theme 

Decided to be extra gay and painted nails, ehee. Kay-claw brown for fingers and glimmering purple for toes

Horny shitpost 

Dhfjkahagdgfkjdgaga even my meditation app wants me bappypaws today :kay_teased:

Selfie, collar 

I apparently had a weird dream I wanted to remember but cannot

cursed shitpost, Auburn University 

NSFW, null-suggesting, restraints, latex, inflatable, ghost hands 

To clarify, I'm referring to the nav links and footer in the screenshot here. I'm not sure what to do to organize it, it feels really slapshod and honestly I kinda threw it together that way, but I want it cleaner.

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Transformation, Latex, Inflation, Pokemon 

Assembled ePaper badge for FWA! No power switch cause over 24hr runtime with just 150mAh battery. Next step after the con will be designing a custom PCB for bare display to mount to with support electronics on the back. Might opt for larger display to fit everything.

SD card is inaccessible in this assembled state right now, weh.

Eink/epaper badge, inflationy art on one screen 

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