And from the same artist, the ideal summer trip the previous pic is emulating. Though this came first, oops~ wonder who I'm waving to ^^

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Simulating that summertime feel while it's still warm in Alabama, since couldn't get a proper summer trip. It's still fun to splash!

SUPER cute pic from Umbreveon on FA!

Inflation, inflatables, kingly outfit, general silliness 

Streaming the ending bits of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, a donation stream for Campaign Zero! Come watch!

Instant Messaging PSA 

Food, spicy Chicago giardiniera canning 

Food: Fermentation! 

birdsite, cursed trending hashtags 

Food! Fun breakfast food~ 

Ring Fit scalper price nonsense 

masto admin, spambots, coronavirus 

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Macro March but really wide, accidental house destruction from within, inflation 

masto admin, spambots, coronavirus 

Also it's still Macro March so uh 

Macro, Inflatable 

@ ALDI Me: *wearing this shirt*

Cashier: MFF, celebrating 20 years, what's that?
Me: Oh, a convention
Him: What kind of convention?
Me: uh... sci-fi/fantasy type stuff?
Him: oh cool
Me: *halfway out the door*
Him: .. WAIT I think I know what that is!
Me: *cackling out the door*

Hello I'm a giant dork who spent over an hour making these notifications correctly show. Telegram's markdown parser sucks btw.

Home-Assistant Roku short-term fixy thing 

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