IRL Latex tum 

Liking that outfit so much I worked on making an edit to my avatar texture to include it. All of this is just materials in Substance Painter, including the zipper >.>

IRL latex, bulge 

Here's hoping HTC or Valve can actually have these in stock again to remedy this absolutely absurd market. MSRP for a broken one??

Started to use the first one in redoing the irises to look less flat and lifeless, but realized that, in action in VRC, they don't look as good as the smaller irises do. So I tweaked with a gradient; I'm really happy with the result on that and it looks great in VRC!

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Finally got the collar tag fixed for my avatar! Also put a normal map and specular and subsurface scattering on and I think the result looks really nice! Closeup for detail.

Inflation, latex, costume, merging 

NSFW, inflation, rubber, big belly coyote 

Inflation, rubber 

Baked Claire's molasses spice cookies for a furry Friendsgiving event and they turned out wonderful ^^ Chewy and not too overwhelming in spices and I love the cracked appearance!

Inflation, macro! 

I think when I play, it's more like "Squeak Saber", hehe!

Been having fun streaming Beat Saber in my avatar and thrilled when folks like watching my squeakflail antics! Appearance here slightly based on said avatar, given the purple latex bandana! Sadly not quite as accurate a belly in-game, hehe. Lovely work from Io Otter, on birdsite as io_otter and FA as the-netwayman ^.^

Late night gaming is always fun with a cozy blanket <3 lovely work from someone over on the blue site, ExtraMostWestst.

inflation art 

inflation, squeaky 

Inflation, liquid, coffee 

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