Macro March but really wide, accidental house destruction from within, inflation 

masto admin, spambots, coronavirus 

Also it's still Macro March so uh 

Macro, Inflatable 

@ ALDI Me: *wearing this shirt*

Cashier: MFF, celebrating 20 years, what's that?
Me: Oh, a convention
Him: What kind of convention?
Me: uh... sci-fi/fantasy type stuff?
Him: oh cool
Me: *halfway out the door*
Him: .. WAIT I think I know what that is!
Me: *cackling out the door*

Hello I'm a giant dork who spent over an hour making these notifications correctly show. Telegram's markdown parser sucks btw.

Home-Assistant Roku short-term fixy thing 

NSFW, restraints, heavy inflation, squeaky, xmas theme 

Semi-NSFW, inflatable restraints, xmas theme 

Decided to be extra gay and painted nails, ehee. Kay-claw brown for fingers and glimmering purple for toes

Horny shitpost 

Dhfjkahagdgfkjdgaga even my meditation app wants me bappypaws today :kay_teased:

Selfie, collar 

I apparently had a weird dream I wanted to remember but cannot

cursed shitpost, Auburn University 

NSFW, null-suggesting, restraints, latex, inflatable, ghost hands 

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