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Assembled ePaper badge for FWA! No power switch cause over 24hr runtime with just 150mAh battery. Next step after the con will be designing a custom PCB for bare display to mount to with support electronics on the back. Might opt for larger display to fit everything.

SD card is inaccessible in this assembled state right now, weh.

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I'm a very sore coyote today, but Yap, had a great hike over the weekend! Even if we didn't finish the trail, thank you for a great adventure to my friend Rhew! We did most of section 9 of the Pinhoti Trail in AL.

This was also my first time staying in a trail shelter! Didn't sleep amazing, woke a lot, but I also went to bed very early!

Cooking is really fun! Art by io_otter and super awesome work at that!!!

BF: man these Pokemon evolutions are just getting crazier

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Mass Effect 2 has aged kinda poorly in some glitchy respects. This thing shouldn't be in this shot.

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A bit over 15 years ago I was learning the guitar, borrowing my mom's classical Yamaha to try and learn. But I didn't have the attention span, and home training didn't exist. Saturday I finally resumed my efforts to learn. I missed that sound.

I got this Washburn with help from a local fur whom also helped me learn how to restring it and initially tune. I'm taking digital lessons daily in Yousician, and excited for the future. I'm picking my dream back up where I left off.
Art by io_otter

Sometimes just one app is the battery destroyer. In this case it was the email client TypeApp.

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