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BF: man these Pokemon evolutions are just getting crazier

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aaaaAAAaaaaAAAaaAaaAaaaaaaa coffeeeeee


Mass Effect 2 has aged kinda poorly in some glitchy respects. This thing shouldn't be in this shot.

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A bit over 15 years ago I was learning the guitar, borrowing my mom's classical Yamaha to try and learn. But I didn't have the attention span, and home training didn't exist. Saturday I finally resumed my efforts to learn. I missed that sound.

I got this Washburn with help from a local fur whom also helped me learn how to restring it and initially tune. I'm taking digital lessons daily in Yousician, and excited for the future. I'm picking my dream back up where I left off.
Art by io_otter

Sometimes just one app is the battery destroyer. In this case it was the email client TypeApp.

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Really like how this image done by KitsuneKit works well as a phone wallpaper ^^

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Celeste is something of a surprise for me as far as games go. I went into it just thinking it would be a fun difficult platformer, and ended up finding something that resonated with me far more than I'd ever thought a game could. I know it's a little cheesy to get art like this, but when I asked Kitsune Kit about it he was thrilled with the idea. I love how he did this, I don't have many words for it ehehe. KitsuneKit can be found on FA~

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This makes me incredibly happy! I'm glad so many really like @dzuk work!

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