Hi there! I'm Ceralor, and also go by Kay when feeling more mammallian than reptilian! I'm a furry systems administrator that pretends to be a balloon dragon or coyote on the Internet, but I like to think I'm metaphorically full of less hot air than I am physically.

I'm a 30yo gay male living in Alabama with a full time admin job. I'm a little shy but love meeting new folks. I run the instance for friendly big folks. So say hi!

Updated !

Hey there! My name's Kay, and I'm a gay, demi, shiny-puffy, nerdy-dorky inflatable coyote! I run the instance and try to keep it chill! My posts on here will consist of:

- yelling about capitalism
- technology rambling excitement
- coyotes
- technology rambling rage
- giant inflatable animals and other inflation
- food fun and learning
- soft things
- coyotes
- big puffy soft squeakiness
- dorky nerdy yapping

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@ceralor Hiya! I'd been following the opening of for the last few weeks, and (only half) jokingly asked where the instance was for pooltoys, balloonies, and other squeakers was. I guess I finally found it? Can I boost you bragging about / inviting to the place?

@Mycroft Sure! And hey there! I think we used to chat back on FM back in the day! ^.^ Want me to write a quick invite post you can boost?

@ceralor Maybe thinking of someone else? I've not been a regular on FurryMUCK, or anywhere else I can think of with FM initials. But sure, write your perfect ad copy and I can boost. :pawy2_tup:

@Mycroft Can write! And huh, I remember that name exactly but now I'm struggling to remember where if not FM. Next toot'll be an invite

@ceralor While I consider myself a longtime furry (I can trace my fursona back to at least 1995, possibly 93), I don't get too involved in the fandom with regards to chats, websites, galleries and things. The only thing I was a regular on was a small Animaniacs themed IRC network.

I think I heard one of the MUCKs or MUSHs or that isometric pixelated world thing had a bar called The Mycroft, which is no relation to me.

@Mycroft That's understandable! I definitely remember a person though... Unfortunately my memory from earlier in the fandom for me (2001-2007) is riddled with holes, so I apologize for misremembering!

Thank you for the boost for the invite!

@ceralor My memory isn't what it used to be either, and it didn't even used to be much, so I totally understand. It's a cool-sounding name that 13 year old me found and latched onto back in the day. If someone else liked it too, then they've got good taste!

It was most famously Sherlock Holmes's older "smarter" brother, but I got it from a sci-fi novel where it was a socially awkward emergent AI.

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