Blimps will be going offline in 6 hours for maintenance. We're currently on a much older version of Mastodon and will be updating to a 4.0 build c/o of @asonix (usually @asonix)

We MAY also be migrating from bare metal to a new VPS droplet running containerized, hopefully this will make further updates easier. Either way, Tusky media posting will work again! @ceralor someone score a good Black Friday deal πŸ‘€

Good luck on the update!

@ceralor @asonix @asonix (Listening to the patient description of all this.) Yes, yes, that all sounds very good and sensible.

(Eats a USB stick, but it's nervous-eating, not actual hunger.)

@ceralor @asonix feel free to reach out if you need any assistance!

@ceralor @asonix @asonix Don't forget to retether the blimps before thanksgiving~ πŸ’¨ 🎈

@ceralor @asonix I am looking forward to testing out Tusky uploads on the other side of the upgrade. Good luck.

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