For mixology folks, what syrups besides simple (inc honey and brown sugar) have given you the most utility, both for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks?

@ceralor Depends on your tastes. Passion fruit syrup's good for tiki drinks, for more general drinks I've gotten the most mileage out of vanilla syrup personally.

That said though, buy what you'd enjoy more than anything else.

@Thaminga I would like to do more of those, I don't think I have quite the right cups for it, and a lot of them seem to require stocking more fresh ingredients than I usually want to? Maybe I'm wrong on that. I usually only stock lemons and limes as far as fresh ingredients (cocktail-wise of course)

@ceralor Lemons, limes and pineapple juice will get you most of the way there, in my experience. The rest is mostly different kinds of rum (she said, having six different bottles of the stuff lying around)

@Thaminga thaaaats what I'm probably primarily missing. I lean whiskey-heavy; have 3 bottles of Scotch, 2 bottles of rye, 3 bottles of bourbon (one is baaaaad), but also 2 gins (one with botanicals native to my home state!), a bottle of cachaça (new!), brandy, tequila, and orange Curacao.

Definitely will need to pick up a rum or two here!

@ceralor I'll admit, my liquor cabinet is... *huge*. Just counting base spirits alone, it's... a bottle each of cognac, calvados, gin, absinthe, vodka, pisco, mezcal and grappa, three bottles of tequila (blanco, reposado and añejo), four bottles of whiskey (one each Scotch, Irish, bourbon and rye) and the aforementioned six bottles of rum ('plain' white, a 3 y/o gold, a 7 y/o rum, Myers's, two overproof rums)

Liqueur-wise there's a lot as well, for tiki drinks I'd recommend at least falernum.

@ceralor cinnamon syrup. make a 2:1 simple syrup and just leave cinnamon sticks in it for 12 hours and strain off. it smells super duper nice and it’s fun for a lot of stuff.

@ceralor I usually bring it to a boil with the sticks already in it, and let it cool and steep at room temp just like that

@kilmo That makes me think a whole lot of falernum I think? But that sounds fun! What do you use it in?

@ceralor kinda like falernum yeah! just only the 1 spice instead of a whole blend. can go into a zombie, jet pilot, nui nui, pupule. the smuggler’s cove book has it in like 20 drinks.

@kilmo @ceralor seconded on the cinnamon syrup. I do a lot of Tiki drinks so Falernum is another one I tend to keep on hand.

@ceralor oh certainly grenadine. But that might have not been what you were looking for :p

@kril I still need to make some from scratch, especially if it'll last a long time! Sounds like I should be making that and falernum at the very least. May also look into making a 2:1 fresh ginger juice syrup, and if I can make it shelf or at least long-term-fridge stable, orgeat!

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