Vibrating heavily wondering why my final interview is requesting 2-3 hours for it versus the coworker and manager ones being 45 minutes each and also hoping I'll do well aaaaaaaa

@ceralor Ooh, that's a very good sign if they're requesting two to three hours. Wishing you the best! You deserve that job.

@KinkTodd @foxyloon ohh? What would they usually entail? My first interview seemed like asking about skills, second one asked how I felt on various skills but more was about fit and how well I can lead and collaborate

@ceralor @KinkTodd I could only assume specifics as it varies from company to company. Sometimes it’s a tour of the office and introducing other coworkers. Other times it’s a hands-on test of your skill set that pertains to the specific job you’ll be doing.

What I know for certain is that they wouldn’t be wasting time with a follow up interview if they weren’t interested in hiring you already. Most people get a rejection call/letter after the first interview.

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