Good morning did you know even inflatable coyotes need sleep? It's true. Anyway for unrelated reasons I may be very puffy with carbonation from energy drinks today so how's your morning going?

@ceralor Our morning's been nice and relaxed, but not so relaxing as to keep us sleepy.

Which is good, 'cause we personally are trying to avoid energy drinks. >u<

@ceralor It's such a weird thing! I got turned to stone a couple weeks ago on FurryMuck and I *still* get tired somehow myself.

@Austin_Dern isn't it weird how even synthetics get tired? On the plus side, it is nice to be able to fall asleep alongside loved ones, but the downside is never quite having enough air to be not floppy

@ceralor It is the weirdest side of synthetic life, yeah.

Though it is adorable finding where the wireless charging spot is from the pile of robot cats heaped on top of it.

@ceralor I've been sick all morning. T.T It's awful.

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