TFW needing to hit up a brewing supply store to make pretzels

Actually does beer yeast work well for baking for making like, beer pretzels?

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@ceralor Technically it would work since baking yeast and brewers' yeast are both saccharomyces cerevisiae, but the flavors might a little wonky. The byproducts of the fermentation process (in this case the chemicals which yield different flavors) are different between different strains of the same yeast. Similarly, you can technically make beer with bread yeast, but it won't be very good, or at least have the flavors one might expect from beer 🙂

@duncandahusky That's fair! I already need to get barley malt syrup for the pretzels so I figured it might make sense to use that kind of yeast for a traditional German pretzel but I wasn't certain. I do have a big ol' jar of the baker's variety so I can stick with it!

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