Did a new blog post after seeing comments about changing fursonas started tugging at some bruises from my process becoming Kay.

@ceralor Aw, gosh. I'm surprised you got resistance to replacing Ceralor as your main representation. I remember wondering how interacting with Kay would be different but the actual transition was effortless from my perspective.

Also I'm stunned anyone thinks there's something weird in replacing a fursona. What would be the odds anyone gets their avatar exactly right, first try? (Or right enough to patch over the differences; Austin has changed from his first presentation.)

@ceralor ... Also seriously but Ceralor only goes back to about 2005? I would have sworn you were nearly a decade older than that. Maybe he just fit a squeaky-balloon niche in my life so well I assumed he *had* to have always been there.

@Austin_Dern Oh! I meant from 2016 as the year of reference for that one, was 2001 or 2002.

@ceralor OK. That's still a couple-years-younger dragon than I would have thought! But, eh, all time of that era has blended together. 1996 and 2008 were basically the same week.

@Austin_Dern Couple years younger? Whatcha mean? >.> I was 13 when I started hopping on anywhere at all, and 33 in less than 2 weeks x3

@ceralor What can I say? It never occurred to me that when we met you were underage. You did very well at passing for someone who could go buy helium over the counter.

@ceralor omg that quote is such a bad take

I've had the same/similar fursona for 25 years, give or take, but I don't think I'm better than anyone

a fursona is as easy to change as a haircut or a jacket, no reason you *have* to keep them around if you want a change of pace

@ceralor you've actually got me thinking of a possible sona change myself; there are things about the origin of mine that I was in love with at the time but now kinda want to distance myself from...

@ceralor that's pretty gross. Like as someone who takes fursonas (or what have you) kinda seriously, I don't understand why people think they have the damn rulebook.

Thanks for sharing some of your background though, I'm always interested in that stuff :3

@ceralor Thanks for the blog post, it was really nice!
I remember you switching to Kay and being far happier since then, so I’ve always thought the change was a great thing. 😁

I often think about changing fursona as well (maybe different species, maybe different material 🎈, maybe both) but I worry people I know wouldn’t take it well. Even though I had never heard that it was frowned upon before reading your post.

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