Hi blimps! I'm looking into upgrading the instance software! We're on an older branch, so we may go down temporarily to upgrade soon!

Ah lots of package updates! May be some extended downtime here, I really want to get us up-to-date.

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Unrelated, does anyone actively use the Matrix server? I may take it offline for now. I can spin up a separate server later if serious interest picks up, but I may just take it offline entirely soon, provided I won't be fucking over other servers.

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@ceralor ... Matrix server?

(I'm just on Mastodon here, so far as I know.)

@Austin_Dern Matrix is sorta like "what if slack/discord was federated too" so chats span any instance people connect to it from.

@ceralor Aah, OK. I see. ... Well, it's outside the stuff I use, but remember that it takes me a lot of energy to use anything that I wasn't using in 2004 at the latest.

@Austin_Dern Oh trust me, it's still not exactly easy to get into. Stickers don't exactly exist people can add to though that's a WIP I believe? Basically they started pushing it hard even when the main server is still partially considered proof-of-concept and it had super barebones functionality. It's further now but still.

@ceralor I see, yeah. Does sound like it should be good for some uses. Of course, I have an obligation to stick to mucks for what this seems to address.

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