May need design help on

I gotta figure out wtf to do with the bottom bar. I like the whole monospaced thing but I feel like I'm doing a very poor job of it organizationally on the home page. Any suggestions would be very welcome!


To clarify, I'm referring to the nav links and footer in the screenshot here. I'm not sure what to do to organize it, it feels really slapshod and honestly I kinda threw it together that way, but I want it cleaner.

@ceralor have you thought about condensing some of those links into a "where you can find me" page?

@cdmnky Sort of? It's not a TON of links. I do have a dedicated page with that, the whole 'proofs' section has a lot of other contact methods listed and other sites that aren't in the list on that page. Wanted it as a quick contact, hehe.

@ceralor i'm no good web designer either lol (which reminds me i never updated my contacts page all the way)

@ceralor I'm not fond of the grey block background, could maybe do with a bit of padding from the text

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