I could listen to the FFXV title screen music on loop all day omg

@ceralor I like a lot of Squeenix's menu themes, to be honest :x

@ceralor Octopath had a really good one, as far as recent ones go, and of course Dearly Beloved.

@RyanSheebs @ceralor

Not Final Fantasy, but Civilization 3 had one of the most comfy chill soundtracks

"Hey what if we just used every hipster acoustic instrument ever invented"

@intelminer @ceralor civ III doesn't have Baba Yetu, nobody cares Shaun >:I

@intelminer @RyanSheebs that's because you didn't get the expansions for it.

also replying V's menu theme music with Baba Yetu is very good.

@ceralor @RyanSheebs I had the complete edition x:

They took OUT most of VI's additions in Civ V because "everyone hated it" then sold it back as DLC and expansion packs

@intelminer @ceralor oh god you not only didn't untag me, but you responded to my "I don't like civ" toot with rolling all the way back to the start of the discussion

@RyanSheebs @ceralor I was just TYING THINGS UP

Because I'd rather talk about something cool than "remember when they did all this dumb shit"

@ceralor @RyanSheebs 5 feels waaaayyy too streamlined for me to really sink my teeth into :c but that's me

@ceralor Depends on which title screen music you're talking about!

There's a different title screen music that plays when you complete the main game's story.

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