Getting rid of some game discs; I can mail these to you in the US for shipping cost only if you want to collect. Take a look!

View online at

Or download ODS at

@ceralor Seems like a real nerd would have these discs sitting around :T

@RyanSheebs @ceralor you're both nerds with complete Myst series collections

@KommaXL @RyanSheebs It's true; I own all 7 games either digitally or ISOs of my original discs.

@KommaXL @ceralor I had original myst at one point, might still be floating around somewhere here. Not sure.

@ceralor @RyanSheebs I'm now a little worried what complete series I might incidentally own :X

@KommaXL @RyanSheebs I also own all of the Tomb Raider games digitally except the newest. >.>

@ceralor @KommaXL Ummmm...I own every main FF game in one form or another physically, I suppose.

@ceralor @KommaXL 1 GBA and PSP, 2 GBA, 3 DS, 4 GBA and DS, 5 GBA, 6 SNES, 7-9 black label PSX, X black label and HD, XII PS2, XIII, XIV PS4, XV PS4

@ceralor @KommaXL Current one is ARR sadly, I got rid of my original XIV disc. XI I have a box of somewhere, yes.

@RyanSheebs @ceralor I think I ended up owning every BlazBlue iteration even though that's completely unnecessary

@KommaXL @ceralor I gave up on owning physical Blazblue after Continuum Shift, which I had the PS3 and Vita copies of

@RyanSheebs @ceralor oh to be totally clear my physical collections of things are total garbo

@ceralor @RyanSheebs I guess my nerd hording obsession has been constrained mostly to list-making at this point, thankfully! The desire is to take a bite out of every pie

@ceralor @KommaXL I was in the closed beta for original XIV. I think it's best to forget it like Square Enix has

@RyanSheebs @ceralor Now that I'm thinking about it, there's a lot of series where I'm missing one or two entries

(or it's just an old series where nobody really buys the first game any more)

@ceralor @KommaXL @RyanSheebs Can I still be a nerd if I own tons of niche movies and TV shows?

Games I moved to digital backups years ago, easier to maintain with patches and fan fixes due to linkrot

@intelminer @KommaXL @ceralor The real nerdy collection is the friends we've made along the way

@ceralor Ooo, I remember Streets of SimCity! I remember building cities in sc2k just to drive around in them.

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