RIP my notifications sharing this goofy joke ahahaha

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@ceralor i've been cackling on and off over the last few minutes

@ceralor orererererereo, or maybe rereo for an hors d'oeuvre

@ceralor gdgfjsdhfgshdgjhak fahsfifashdbfvfahhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


@ceralor i can't even look directly at this image, i melt into a pile of giggles because i catch something like REORE x33333

@ceralor @heytanuki the funny thing is that hydrox came out first. Oreos are actually the knockoff brand but did better 😅

@ceralor I like a couple of the fillings stacked together but don't like the word it makes

@ceralor Huh, I'd have pegged you more as the orererererereo type, given all the filling.

@ceralor doesn't matter just dunk me in some milk babe ❤️🥛

@ceralor I think the web client will let you mute notifications for it, and it'll carry over to anywhere else you're logged on!

@ceralor (which also only stops new ones from coming in I believe, but still)


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