I don't know what to do with myself. I'm used to being restricted to small tweets. Now I feel like I need to make more thoughtful toots. I feel like this might be a common problem, haha.

@pdtodd And you told me that you were not on social media... Did you lie to me

@hack13 well, this social media doesn't seem to be stuffed with garbage. Also that there are furry controlled places on here like there is with furry telegram groups.

@pdtodd Huzzah! why do you think I like this place more?

@hack13 yeah. I'm really picky with my media. Weird ads, creepy corporate stuff, and bad design are all huge turn offs for me. On another note, is there any benefit to making accounts on more than one instance? I'm noticing that there are a lot of furry ones.

@pdtodd nope, as you can message and chat with people on multiple different instances. For example I am friends with people on snouts.online blimps.xyz vulpine.club etc all from here <3 one account and keep up with everyone

@ceralor Plugs that you can use to fill with air ;3

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