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Hi there! I'm Ceralor, and also go by Kay when feeling more mammallian than reptilian! I'm a furry systems administrator that pretends to be a balloon dragon or coyote on the Internet, but I like to think I'm metaphorically full of less hot air than I am physically.

I'm a 30yo gay male living in Alabama with a full time admin job. I'm a little shy but love meeting new folks. I run the instance for friendly big folks. So say hi!

For today the rarest of all pictures: the one that uses Weasyl! Pooltoy me from @/ArtingMartini

This picture paid *so* many dividends. While it was drawn folks in-stream were trying to guess my species, and one person offered 'gay otter'. Every time I remember this I smile.

Plus this picture got a comment from @ceralor that reconnected me with an old friend and that was a happy event.

Home-Assistant stoofs 

Emoji shitpost, πŸ† 

Inflatable kink post 

WE LIVE! Changes back up, my fault for checkout of the wrong branch, urf. Forgot to checkout the changed version and was checking out stock v3.

i’m here to spread positive affirmations and blushy thoughts (with permission, ofc)

Unrelated, does anyone actively use the Matrix server? I may take it offline for now. I can spin up a separate server later if serious interest picks up, but I may just take it offline entirely soon, provided I won't be fucking over other servers.

Ah lots of package updates! May be some extended downtime here, I really want to get us up-to-date.

Hi blimps! I'm looking into upgrading the instance software! We're on an older branch, so we may go down temporarily to upgrade soon!

Work blargh 

Oh no a DO

Also not digitgrade, just bobbing up and down on their feet.

"yeah this run was not highly optimal. there were plenty of spots for cleaning up movement tech, and I didn't implement any kind of skips. looking to lower my pb going forward"

"ava, you were.....making coffee"

from now on all my commit messages will be "bug fixes and performance enhancements"

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