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Hi there! I'm Ceralor, and also go by Kay when feeling more mammallian than reptilian! I'm a furry systems administrator that pretends to be a balloon dragon or coyote on the Internet, but I like to think I'm metaphorically full of less hot air than I am physically.

I'm a 30yo gay male living in Alabama with a full time admin job. I'm a little shy but love meeting new folks. I run the instance for friendly big folks. So say hi!

Sale from Link's Awakening and Toupatou are now husbands :no_at:

I'll be streaming the last third of Ori starting at 7 PM CDT (GMT-600)

SecondLife is just Roblox except you don't get banned for typing wtf

Updating my personal SSL cert for the base and wildcard is always 'fun', still manually adding txt records and waiting a few minutes before continuing verification

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Thank y'all for coming for those who watched!

Going to stream Ori and the Blind Forest for a bit after seeing the Ori E3 trailer today, please excuse any sniffles and the like in advance, this is a pretty emotional and beautiful game for me >.>

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Good morning just wanna be cute gay balloon coyote today hi

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Polygon and the Verge are both Vox Media outlets. Vox workers are currently attempting to unionize and they've just announced a work stoppage. Don't support Vox until the union gets their contract and their demands or met. That means if you support BDG and Pat and all yr other polygon crushes then you won't go watching their polygon vids until Vox Union announces their victory

Give coyotes smooches and maybe little puffs to help them get through the day

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