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Hi there! I'm Ceralor, and also go by Kay when feeling more mammallian than reptilian! I'm a furry systems administrator that pretends to be a balloon dragon or coyote on the Internet, but I like to think I'm metaphorically full of less hot air than I am physically.

I'm a 30yo gay male living in Alabama with a full time admin job. I'm a little shy but love meeting new folks. I run the instance for friendly big folks. So say hi!

thinking about tiny baby yeen toebeans...

Mass Effect 2 has aged kinda poorly in some glitchy respects. This thing shouldn't be in this shot.

Rare recording of a government surveillance drone (codename "Bird") exfiltrating airgapped data
A toucan pulling a USB stick fr…

Second Round of February Commissions are OPEN!!!
5 Slots available!
Send me a note on FA or a DM me here for a potential slot~

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will you accept this strange kobold's offer

For my first proper squeak on here, I'll share some of my doodlings, have a lovely Baphnedia doing what he does best~.

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Sometimes I like reading just the CW text and pretend the show more bit doesn't exist, because then I just see y'all making very bland, obtuse statements like "Vore" and "Selfie".

To some extent I think it leaves the thought of "The more real I can make it be the more real it can actually be" and one day be Kay for real idk.

I feel a little silly for getting so excited about mundane ideas but at the same time it makes it more real and feel more...feasible?

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