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Hey there! My name's Kay, and I'm a gay, demi, shiny-puffy, nerdy-dorky inflatable coyote! I run the instance and try to keep it chill! My posts on here will consist of:

- yelling about capitalism
- technology rambling excitement
- coyotes
- technology rambling rage
- giant inflatable animals and other inflation
- food fun and learning
- soft things
- coyotes
- big puffy soft squeakiness
- dorky nerdy yapping

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Been out of touch a few days cause of, yeah, but hi

MeUndies, anti-trans action, Harry Potter 

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MeUndies, anti-trans action, Harry Potter 

I keep hearing the sound of branches falling out of a tree into my yard in various places, and while it's a little worrying about the state of the tree on a whole, it's somehow strangely slightly soothing to be able to have those nature sounds around me as I fall asleep alongside the crickets chirping.

inflation shitpost quasi-nsfw 

Work, ADHD, focus 

As Halloween draws closer, turn your Lycanroc friend into a Lycanloon to make their monsters cuteness even more festive! 🎈 :lycanroc:

To tease them affectionately it's acceptable to also call them Looncanroc while they gnaw harmlessly with squeaky teeth on your arm.

Inspired mostly thinking about RicochetWolf's cute pic here; more Lycanrocs should be a similar shape and sheen~

horny, inflation, meta 

Happy ! [email protected]/ brings me in a Scarecrow mood as we approach Halloween. Who doesn't love that Ray Bolgeresque slipping?

Hornbuckle's an expert in tf commissions, an amazing bundle of positivity, and, last I checked, open for Halloween commissions still.

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Inflation Talk/Mood 

I don’t feel so good (still wip)

Figured it needed a bg

... the emergency-repair applique for your inflatable relatives, or 'pump kin patch' ...

Inflation, Halloween Costume 

You come back to your Mastodon account after a year of letting it gather dust. It's hard to remember everything here, how it works, but as you dust off your profile, and look around, you find something, and pick it up. Looking around, you hold it out, and say, 

Thinkin' bout

Big squeaky werewuffloons again >.>

Ok so yeah Imma slip into my boo form temporally cause everything going on with everyones sonas is waaay to much of a mood to not join in uwu.

Dont worry rubber wuff will still be around in art and resume being so once November strikes~

Food: homemade pizza! 

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