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Hey there! My name's Kay, and I'm a gay, demi, shiny-puffy, nerdy-dorky inflatable coyote! I run the instance and try to keep it chill! My posts on here will consist of:

- yelling about capitalism
- technology rambling excitement
- coyotes
- technology rambling rage
- giant inflatable animals and other inflation
- food fun and learning
- soft things
- coyotes
- big puffy soft squeakiness
- dorky nerdy yapping

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Self-hosted home automation stuff 

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Self-hosted home automation stuff 

trend-based body-horror shitpost 

sappy, romantic thoughts 

Brains need search history functionality, especially for adhd

Ori 2 spoiler-lite 

Ori and the Will of the Wisps ending, very minor spoiler 


And that absolutely includes the fucking tone police

Thinkin 'bout balloon firedogs again oh no

Uncertain how best to handle charity stuff through Twitch. I could create goals in Streamlabs and manually update it to include revenue from Twitch itself. I could point my Streamlabs donations at a cause they support and then not sure how that works. Tiltify maybe too as an option? idk.

Tired yap trying to keep energy for working going, so hello y'all ^^

Streaming the ending bits of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, a donation stream for Campaign Zero! Come watch!

These two ex-Lyft employees want to replace convention centers with haptic suits

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