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Hey there! My name's Kay, and I'm a gay, demi, shiny-puffy, nerdy-dorky inflatable coyote! I run the instance and try to keep it chill! My posts on here will consist of:

- yelling about capitalism
- technology rambling excitement
- coyotes
- technology rambling rage
- giant inflatable animals and other inflation
- food fun and learning
- soft things
- coyotes
- big puffy soft squeakiness
- dorky nerdy yapping

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Server account application nonsense 

I think when I play, it's more like "Squeak Saber", hehe!

Been having fun streaming Beat Saber in my avatar and thrilled when folks like watching my squeakflail antics! Appearance here slightly based on said avatar, given the purple latex bandana! Sadly not quite as accurate a belly in-game, hehe. Lovely work from Io Otter, on birdsite as io_otter and FA as the-netwayman ^.^

Hi Blimps! I know it's been a while, but I'm gonna make a concerted effort to be around more often again. I miss this place and I have generally just not been the best steward I can, and that should be fixed.

I'm also going to see about finally getting us onto a much newer version of Mastodon here or possibly a fork if we can easily migrate to it. But as always be swell!

Some more Twitch emote experiments for my lovely puffy friend @ceralor !

Late night gaming is always fun with a cozy blanket <3 lovely work from someone over on the blue site, ExtraMostWestst.

Don't know about anyone else but I'm set for April Fluffs Day. Art by FA/techno. though I can't find the original URL.

inflation art 

inflation art 

inflation, squeaky 

food woes 

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food woes 

birdsite art meme crop, inflation 

Inflation, liquid, coffee 

Hi folks, blimps especially! I know I have been extremely non-present here lately, but I intended to change that, and try to be much more around and active. I intend to keep this site going for as long as I can do so, and plan to work with @asonix to work on getting the modified code base up to date.

Due to current events, I'm keeping the site invite/application-only for the time being. It feels the best action for the safety of this and the greater community.

Yap, hope to squeak around :3

Inflatable, Cartoony, minor inflation, promo of 'new' artist 

Inflatable, Cartoony, minor inflation, promo of 'new' artist 

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