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Hey there! My name's Kay, and I'm a gay, demi, shiny-puffy, nerdy-dorky inflatable coyote! I run the instance and try to keep it chill! My posts on here will consist of:

- yelling about capitalism
- technology rambling excitement
- coyotes
- technology rambling rage
- giant inflatable animals and other inflation
- food fun and learning
- soft things
- coyotes
- big puffy soft squeakiness
- dorky nerdy yapping

Hi Blimps! I wanna encourage folks to, whenever possible, use alt-text on your images. It's helpful for all kinds of folks, whether on a low-bandwidth connection, or vision-impaired, or to add further descriptive help to an image. Sometimes, more context is cool :3

kink appreciation 

Decided to try out Blender, learn myself a new skill. I made the Obligatory Tutorial Doughnut. Even gave it a Salvador-ish colour scheme! Probably turns you into a fat purple bull if you eat it.

Pissing over how robotic a recorded person this ops manager insists on using sounds, like from a 1990s IVR, versus a basic TTS from Azure. Ops mgr keeps insisting. Welp, reproduced to share later anyway.


Inflation, permaballoon 

inflation, permanent 

Pet your sidekiq for continued service, it may grow anxious if you don't

@NoodleTime His name’s properly spelled Llewellyn, and I’m sure he says it often!

Waiting for friends in private worlds to accept your request.


Just another day of enjoying the usual heft~

CW: Fatfur
Art by @Taylor

To get the fuck out of Twitter before it fully starts turning into $8chan next week, I've been spending the last few days finishing the new completely redesigned website so it finally has fully up to date information

Spiderman Meme, birdsite, elon 

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