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Hi there! I'm Ceralor, and also go by Kay when feeling more mammallian than reptilian! I'm a furry systems administrator that pretends to be a balloon dragon or coyote on the Internet, but I like to think I'm metaphorically full of less hot air than I am physically.

I'm a 30yo gay male living in Alabama with a full time admin job. I'm a little shy but love meeting new folks. I run the instance for friendly big folks. So say hi!

Is it worth it to get gel polish setup for my nails instead of lacquer? And if so, what brands and kind of setup? I see some that don't require UV and some that do.

Decided to be extra gay and painted nails, ehee. Kay-claw brown for fingers and glimmering purple for toes

MH(+), medication 

Government contract ranting 

Fuck, sorry about that y'all. Apparently Nginx isn't auto-reloading the new certificates for Blimps; we're back online.

Pinned toot time! :3 I'm Koebi, a toony, tubby Arcanine (previously a wolfmutt)! I am also:
- gray ace and open poly
- big and soft and pretty okay with that
- sometimes quiet
- sometimes way too
:s_wide: :h_wide: :i_wide: :t_wide: :p_wide: :o_wide: :s_wide: :t_wide: :y_wide:
- a non-zero amount kinky
- okay fine, i'm a lot kinky
- overall pretty friendly
- incredibly weak against paws, rubber, paws, socks, paws, OTHER ARCANINES and paws
- sleepy most of the time

But yeah moving is hard but a good step forward

Moving into new place! (Food mention) 

Conspiracy Corner at Burger King 

Horny shitpost 

A former coworker from my days at Best Buy, and also a furry (at the time), has apparently joined Telegram and I'm like... :kay_thinking:

Like DO I DONT I AAAA he doesn't see me cause phone number changes plus using furry number but shfjkghgs he was a really cool dude aaaa

So "Yap House" won over on 🐦 but I want to know if anyone has ideas for a creative wifi SSID forms balloon coyote that doesn't inherently give away the puffy nature? Like if you're furry you'll get it but if not you won't?

Kinda like some vore shirts where if you know, you're just as guilty.

Hewwo good morning I'm sleepy but you can do the good thing today, I believe in you, and you can always trust coyotes

Well maybe not always but trust coyotes on this at least

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