i love how transit police cost more than what the TTC loses to people not paying.

like, what the fuck lmfao.


toronto: "we lose 70 million a year to fare evasion"

how much does the transit enforcement unit cost tho

toronto: "uhhhh"


toronto: "u-uu... uhh..."

toronto: "b-but fare evasion. ):"

i fucking despise the fact that i'm going to be living in toronto in a few months but my fiance's gonna have to work literally downtown toronto so we need to get a place that's within a 10-15 minute walk of the subway ):

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@byte If you think this is bad, wait until you see what gets spent to stop welfare fraud, compared to how much is actually committed.

@sanspoint i know what's spent.

i was on welfare. i had reason to be. i was abused by my social worker. i constantly was threatened to be removed from welfare. i constantly, twice a month, had to go to the welfare office and defend the fact that i was on welfare.

@byte I used to be a welfare clerk, so I've seen it from the other side. It's _fucked_.

@sanspoint my social worker at one point, when he had screamed at me to the point of me crying, called me a girl. when i complained to his superior their response was "well, you -were- crying."

@sanspoint if it wasn't for me meeting my fiance and eventually moving in with him, i would've become homeless because even though i was in the process of getting on disability they constantly accused me of trying to game the system.

i just wanted to finish going to highschool ffs.

@sanspoint sorry, i should've cw'd this and not ranted at you but ontario's welfare system -destroyed- me and i still haven't recovered from some of the shit they put me through.

@byte yeah! that fuckin ad campaign before quarantine that was all "pay your fare" in giant letters all over the street cars probs cost so much more than they'd lost that year

free transit is a human right!

@byte they could take that number to zero loss with one simple step: free transit. Plus getting rid of enforcement and not paying for condescending ads would save even more money

@byte I'm sorry to hear about the subway thing. ):

But welcome to the Toronto neighborhood!

@gnomon i actually think subways are pretty cool and society needs to embrace public transport, i just hate how it's handled in this country.

also, thank you. |3

@byte They could take all that money they spend on fare enforcement and just use it to cover the entirety of public transportation so that fares don't have to exist in the first place.

But nope. Gotta uphold the capitalist system where only people with money are allowed any form of freedom, including the freedom of movement.

@byte Gotta control the poors, who deserve their fate of being in an open air prison because capitalism goes hand-in-hand with eugenics, and that includes capitalist governments.

There's a reason public transportation is always limited to local levels and all the national/international transportation is privatized to all hell.

@byte they might lose more than they already do if there is zero enforcement

@fluffy Hello, this is the dumbest reply I've gotten all 2020.

@fluffy go lick some boots to make yourself feel better.

@byte I'm reminded of WMATA, where they quote a fare evasion number that is an estimate based off of "comparable" systems (they have no idea how much actually occurs. Also, getting in for free because of broken systems counts as evasion)

@Newpa_Hasai Oh yeah. The system breaks on the TTC all the time but if you jump the gate they always have cops waiting to fine you.

@byte I feel like #Portland is dealing with the same exact problem at #TriMet, and it's making them take a real look at dropping fare collection and enforcement.

@BalooUriza Well, I'm glad they're looking into it at least.

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