I've been filling a single .sai file with sketches every day so that when inktober rolls around if I can't think of anything I'll just use one of those sketches.

Why bother making a game about a cyberpunk dystopia when you already fucking live in one.

Imagine living in 2019 and thinking Twin Galaxies is still relevant.

i absolutely adore pumpkin spice as a flavour because it contains many things we don't often use in many desserts nowadays for some reason. (nutmeg, mace, ginger, etc)

but i hated the pumpkin spice latte from tim hortons. it tasted like someone shredded up the couch of a 80 year old chain smoker and forced coffee through it.

thing: welcome to thing! to sign up give us your phone number

me: *already gone*

horny shitpost 

Got to level 12. :')

Got a long way to go but I am somewhat proud of that at least.

I thought the NES version of Tetris ended at level 9 but then it changed to level 10. Huh.

Had a dream that a AAA game came out with a dev flag checked that allowed one to change/upload their own voice acting to everyone's game.

So I booted my copy and a character said "Does my ass smell or have I always smelled like this?" and another responded with "Both, sir."

hard times, basically starving mention 

I'm glad food banks are so much better nowadays at giving a healthy variety.

Back in the day my family would get 4L of milk(frozen), a bag of day-olds from the bakery, some dry pasta, and some cans of beans and tomatoes.

Now people are getting fresh meat n' veg and shit like damn.

my upstairs neighbour is watching king of the hill and realized it was too loud and turned it down

would it be weird if i texted them and asked if they could turn it back up

me: so this pdf has fields i can type in

adobe, microsoft: yes

me: so how do i save what i write in those fields for later



adobe/microsoft: uh


adobe/microsoft: *disappears for 7 years, come back*

me: well?

adobe/microsoft: you PRINT IT as a PDF



me: why

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