Living in a house over a hundred years old: oh boy i hope this unusually brilliantly white dust isn't asbest-hahhahahahahitprobablyis

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Can't wait for this, but for video games

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A nice thing about Mastodon is you can say "screaming my face off for no reason at the Wendy's Drive-Thru" and you don't immediately get Official Wendy's™️ asking you how they can make your Wendy's experience better

Whenever I dislike certain foods I wonder if I just have an unexposed babby palate or if the food is just Actually Bad.

So I'll eat it/order it in different ways multiple times. But then I wonder if I just stockholm syndrome'd my tastebuds into liking it.

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me: the city's buses fucking suck! they drive right past us, don't show up and when they do occasionally appear it's never on time. People could lose their jobs! Poor people, vulnerable people could have groceries spoil or miss doctors appointments and be hit with no-show fees they can't afford!

city: don't swear


me: is

me: is that the only thing about my tweet you feel the need to comment on

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"What? Furry art as my phone wallpaper? What if someone saw?"

Proceeds to browse twitter on extremely full bus, timeline covered in fat and muscular dudes.

Joke's on the NSA Linux makes my mic sound like I'm farting through a lead pipe underwater and my camera has no drivers.

Waking up and laying there, listening to your spinal fluid make weird gurgling creeks in the back of your neck/skull.

me: hey linux new gpu hope that's fine
linux: that's k
me: hey windows new gpu hope tha--

*is cut off by windows letting out the biggest, most dramatic screech in the universe*

Well, I thought it was Linux that was causing my machine to occasionally freeze but when my GPU died and I bought a replacement -- everything suddenly started working perfectly.


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Growing up poor problems in adulthood Show more

Growing up poor problems in adulthood Show more

Growing up poor problems in adulthood Show more

You know if companies were more up-front about wanting my information for advertising reasons I'd probably be more willing to give it to them.

But every time they do it sneakily I fucking slam the breaks, dig in my heels and go out kicking and screaming.

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