sexual, kinda fat fetish 

sexual, kinda fat fetish 

oh no i really like drakloak

it's pokedex entry is so sad ;A;

Hellbird, conservatives, fat dragons 

Someone keeps trying to reset my hellbird password without realizing they need the code hellbird texts me.

Person: Good job scaring away those conservative trolls by joking about how much you like that dragon

Me: Joking?

NSFW, hellbird, conservatives and furry fetishes 

food, cooking, rant 

I like how our one cat doesn't quite understand that the treats need to be taken out of the bag before she can eat them.

She isn't blind (far from it), but she'll just shove her face forward and get in the way of you dispensing treats, chomping at air.


"Whoops! A single person went to the ER for something they could've went to the family doctor for. Time to cancel health care! Sorry Rebecca, guess you're going to have to go back to begging on the internet to pay for your insulin!"

The annoying part about if the US does get free health care is that every single time the occasional person does fuck up and call an unneeded ambulance (there's 300+ million of y'all after all) it'll be paraded around as the reason why you should let Little Timmy die of cancer.

why can't i just be a giant monster irl

like damn life why u gotta raw me like that

shiny, pokemon, caps, rant, trade 

shiny, pokemon, caps, rant, trade 

non-nitro booster channels: actual conversation

channels for boosters only: the only thing we talk about is how all other channels suck.

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