wikia/ "don't worry, the videos we're adding to the top of articles will be as relevant as something automated can get :)"

the videos on the tops of the articles:

boomers, covid-19, not taking it fucking seriously 

for some reason google has been hiding my reviews from other people which is bullshit

i'm trying to leave a good review for a local fabric/textile store that has online ordering that i've been ordering fabric from to make covid-19 masks for hospitals and google has decided that my reviews are fake and is flagging them for removal.

Got the label sticker paper for my thermal printer in the mail that I presumed was lost. It says air mail on it, but it's about four months late.

For some reason they included half a roll of used, regular thermal paper. Like, non-sticker stuff.

The faint outline of some old text from some store is on it, too. It's really fucking weird and I dunno why they included it.

i have eaten so much kipper the last week i'm pretty sure i'm like 1/8th smoked fish

waiting for the Canadian government to shout April fools to all the airlines and mega-corps its going to bail out and just take the money back.

generic vore scenario #85; sketch, SFW..ish. 

the five mastodon tabs i have open all making the new notification sound at the same time: B̵̻̲̝̺̜̓͌Ë̸̟̭̤́̏͜-̵͖̅̂͝B̵̠̙̣̺̟̔E̸̩̩̥͂̽̒́Ę̸̇̊͐͝P̵͔̈́ͅ

me, desperately trying to sift through all 500 of my tabs to find them:

i feel like 99% of fiction could avoid issues like star trek where it does the thing where it -seems- progressive but then becomes offensive in the future by just adding a clause that says "if anything becomes ham-fisted and/or offensive in the future, people can retcon it."

because of the jean + <other word> meme whenever i see just two words on their own my brain just automatically mashes them together.

like tooth people = toothle.


someone who once told me to give up on drawing keeps favouriting my work and acting like he never said that and i'm just


i appreciate that despite very much not being dogs, the planet has collectively agreed that sharks are just water borks.

I want the reptilian conspiracies to be real, lizard bf irl

Normally I wouldn't wear one of these as they're to be donated to hospitals/whoever needs them but I fucked this one up (bottom left ribbon wasn't attached correctly) so I'll use it as an example.

The inside is brand new 100% cotton and the outside is an old fabric (this one was a t-shirt but I have other fabric, too.)

Behold my sleep-deprived, makeup-less face.

covid, masks, uncomfortable thoughts 

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covid, masks, uncomfortable thoughts 

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