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fats; shinx eat the cookies 

Y'know I've never seen or read Beastars and after watching the Youtube essay I just watched I think it's better I don't

Like, I think I'm much happier with the versions of the characters that exist in my head, the actual story seems too grimdark for me

I honestly kind of miss swivel-style 2-in-1 laptop convertibles.

The 360 degree "yoga" hinge styled ones never appealed to me, seems like a great way to scuff up your keyboard, and the detachables almost all have soft floppy useless keyboards. ;u;

My X1 Tablet 2nd gen performs decently but the keyboard still feels inadequate compared to a full fat laptop.

Since my big laptop is more or less down for the count until the new charger comes next week, I'm trying being on my X1 tablet as my main machine again

NGL I feel... Restricted, lol

uhh mastodon pros, how should i go about doing a live thread here
so i dont spam ppls timelines

I really wanna' learn an instrument but I'm kinda' torn between doing the basic nerd thing and doing keyboard or doing bass lol

Or keytar even :P

More work shit 

Work shit 

update, roommate will draw you something if you send over $20!

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The apartment inspection people haven't done one in like 6 months but now they're doing it again and unlike before, they are *hell bent* on coming inside.

We need some repair and cleaning stuff, as well as a whole replacement door. If you have anything to spare, please help us.

like and share if you #remember this #classic hit compilation album released in the UK in the 1990s!

Bleh, yeah. I let the cable cool off for a while and it works but I have to jiggle it. Plopped down $100 on a replacement. :/

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I'm not COMPLETELY screwed if it dies since I have my X1 Tablet as a backup but I wouldn't really be able to play any modern games

This is making me lean even more towards considering swapping this beast for something smaller and more manageable...

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Blugh... The AC adapter is going out on my Thinkpad P15. :/

A new adapter from Lenovo is $115, which isn't ENTIRELY undoable but is still a lot of money...

I wanna hold the hand of every skeptical artist who joined from bird site and posted "probably won't be here much" bcs they intend to go back to bird site after the rush dies down:
I get it, the devil you know and all, but give this place a chance! πŸ™‚ Ppl are much more likely to interact with you the more you post and reply to posts! Hashtags are GOOD here! There's no Algorithm to fight! Put descriptions about your art and OCs on your images, get folks invested! You'll have a good time! 🀘😎

Butt humor 

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