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My kingdom for a lore friendly VW New Beetle turbo with the RSi bodykit as a mod shop extra lmfao...

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MAN I've been getting back into GTA Online and I stumbled on some of the lore friendly cars people make and... I really wanna' mod my game now but I'm scared of getting banned from a game I've dumped way too much real-world money into lmfao

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Twitter, politics, mental health 

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the concept of "buy to play" video games is like the concept of "edible food" or "wearable pants"

something has gone wrong in the past to require you to add this modifier for clarification

I really gotta' be more active on Masto... I've been back on Twitter because everyone else calmed down about the Musk buyout and I didn't want to completely disconnect yet but The Almighty Algorithm has drawn me back in. :/

FOMO is a bitch.

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@beakbomb BTW if you wanna' add me on Telegram or Discord feel free to give me a nudge!

@beakbomb Thanks! I'm sad Snouts imploded but it's still pretty cool. I need to try to actually stick around this time... XD

Y'know I've never seen or read Beastars and after watching the Youtube essay I just watched I think it's better I don't

Like, I think I'm much happier with the versions of the characters that exist in my head, the actual story seems too grimdark for me

Roe V Wade 

@foone Whoops, Kermit and Fozzy I mean

Though it would be a fun gag for Piggy to be miffed about missing out on the Leia role and to invent a role for Qi'ra and basically force herself into the plot. :P

Artoo and Threepio *have* to be Ernie and Bert, and if they go that far I'd make Gonzo be Lando... Or maybe Boba since falling into a Sarlacc pit is a very Gonzo thing to do, lmfao.

@foone This is all really good, but the problem with casting Kermit as Luke is that then you have to make Piggy Leia and things get weird

I'd almost say to cast Scooter and Skeeter as Luke and Leia and Han and Fozzy as Han and Chewie but then things are still a bit weird

@BalooUriza I still wonder whether or not a season 2 is actually still happening, it's been over a year since anyone said anything about it...

@BalooUriza @Gulfie Weren't they doing that? Or did it get shitcanned? I remember there were some rumblings about how they were going to handle Ghandi's character

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