@foxyloon Can try to get some pics for you if you want! I forget, do I have you on Telegram or Discord?

Any of my retro computing mutuals want an early 2000s Vaio? Lol

Yours for the price of shipping, (or free pickup!) I just don't want to throw it out

Just playing with water balloons in the shower. Nothing to see here 🐺💦🎈
Commission for Anonymous

RTs and comments appreciated ♥

Sephis enjoying being a blimp, and Chris enjoying the show 🎈

Sephis - twitter.com/KaboomPanda
Chris - Me

RTs and comments appreciated ♥


@CurusKeel on a peary mecha dragon kaiju rampage through a cardboard city, with Patashu in tow, by @SixSydes@twitter.com ! Thank you!

@yuka Ugggggh damn it all :(

Any other tutorials you'd suggest? Particularly for cars or toon characters?

@yuka Oh no what? I've been following that tutorial is he a nazi or something? D:

[RT @crdudeyoutube]
the reason half life sfx are so funny is because half life was the last game set in a realistic environment but with hanna barbera grade sound work. after that it all got boring and competent

So I got a new phone that came in the box for a Nokia 9210.

@dogo I do love big n round ://3c

They kind of remind me of my old shoes... I'd love to get another pair someday.

Also I'd like to posit the theory that the Doobie Brothers "What a Fool Believes" is basically the 70s version of Outkast's "Hey Ya" because it's a very upbeat sounding song that's actually about a very sad topic lmfao

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heavy themes 

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Having a weird quasi-religious experience at 5 AM when I should be sleeping by listening to an old song I like and taking a new meaning from the lyrics because I'm older now and things have happened

(It was the 10000 Maniacs cover of Patti Smith's "Because the Night)

@dogo I realize this is a baby shoe but it's kind of a cool look XD

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