I honestly kind of miss swivel-style 2-in-1 laptop convertibles.

The 360 degree "yoga" hinge styled ones never appealed to me, seems like a great way to scuff up your keyboard, and the detachables almost all have soft floppy useless keyboards. ;u;

My X1 Tablet 2nd gen performs decently but the keyboard still feels inadequate compared to a full fat laptop.

@blubfeesh Oh, that was the exact issue I had with my Surface Pro 4, besides the awful battery. The keyboard was a floppy mess to type on unless I had it on a flat table. Even under ideal conditions, it wouldn't register key strokes sometimes.

Those 2-in-1 laptops were very nice, but rather short lived. I guess tablets were more popular?

@foxyloon Oh yeah the battery on this is terrible too though tbf it's an older detachable. ~2 hrs when I'm using the touch screen and full brightness (and it needs full brightness lol)

I wonder if the 3rd gen is any better...

@blubfeesh Sounds about right, to be honest. They sacrifice size for battery capacity, usually. The extended packs jut out and make the machine rather lopsided, otherwise.

@foxyloon What's funny is I actually have an extended battery on my X1t (It attaches to the bottom of the screen and acts as a handle of sorts) but the battery life is still abysmal. ;u;

@blubfeesh That honestly sounds better than the "wedge" style battery packs that the older X series laptops used. But yeah, that's still insane.

@foxyloon Had one of those on my X220t and it actually helped the battery life out a LOT but dang if it didn't near double the weight of the machine... XD

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