Since my big laptop is more or less down for the count until the new charger comes next week, I'm trying being on my X1 tablet as my main machine again

NGL I feel... Restricted, lol

@blubfeesh Hehe, that's like going from a sports car to an economy sedan. I totally see what you mean by "restrictive".

@foxyloon Yeah, the X1T is no slouch as far as these devices go, they actually have the same RAM 'cause my P15 is base spec and I haven't upgraded it yet, but the CPU is way better and the P15 has an actual GPU. :P

I've thought about swapping the P15 for a T-series maybe though... IDK.

@blubfeesh Ah, I see. It's not a pushover at least. Still quite capable, considering. The form factor of those is another matter. Rather compact keyboards on those.

I haven't played around with the newer Thinkpads at all, though. Last T series I had was a fully loaded T520 with discrete graphics and an i7. Last X series I had was an X61 tablet. Talk about woefully under-powered!

@foxyloon The P15 is my first... Well, second actually 15 inch machine, lol. I usually go for a 12 or a 14.

My Thinkpad timeline goes... T61p, X61t, T410, X220t, T440p, X1t 2g, P15 1g

The P15 is my first brand new laptop (aside from an Acer netbook my grandparents got me in ~09)

@blubfeesh Ah, yeah the 15s are a bit on the bulky side. Great for typing and working on, but not the best for portability. That was the exact issue I had with the T530.

Hehe, I've dabbled with several Thinkpads in the past, from vintage to modern-ish. Had three 760 XLs, a 760 XD, a 770x, 600x, then a T43 and T43p, T60 widescreen, then X61 tablet and the T520. Kinda fell out of favor with Thinkpads around that point.

@foxyloon I've had a handful of vintage ones as well. Sadly don't have any currently other than a T61 I bought a while back. Trying to downsize. ;w;

That's fair, they aren't as upgradable as they used to be, then no laptops are really. :c

@blubfeesh I know that pain personally. :< I’ve got so many vintage Macs and PCs that I’m literally running out of room for them. Some of those Thinkpads I still have, like the 600x, 770x, and T43p, but the rest I either gave away, sold or turned in to a recycler.

I personally lost interest when Lenovo got rid of the hot swap drive bays. That was around the time they were dropping features left and right, but still asking premium price for them.

@foxyloon I gave away most of mine... I'm not even sure I'm hanging onto the T61, the only one I'm keeping for sure is my iBook Clamshell. ;u;

Lol my P15 is massive and has no optical drive at all... 🙃

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