@CurusKeel on a peary mecha dragon kaiju rampage through a cardboard city, with Patashu in tow, by @SixSydes@twitter.com ! Thank you!

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the reason half life sfx are so funny is because half life was the last game set in a realistic environment but with hanna barbera grade sound work. after that it all got boring and competent

So I got a new phone that came in the box for a Nokia 9210.

Also I'd like to posit the theory that the Doobie Brothers "What a Fool Believes" is basically the 70s version of Outkast's "Hey Ya" because it's a very upbeat sounding song that's actually about a very sad topic lmfao

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Having a weird quasi-religious experience at 5 AM when I should be sleeping by listening to an old song I like and taking a new meaning from the lyrics because I'm older now and things have happened

(It was the 10000 Maniacs cover of Patti Smith's "Because the Night)

My kingdom for a lore friendly VW New Beetle turbo with the RSi bodykit as a mod shop extra lmfao...

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MAN I've been getting back into GTA Online and I stumbled on some of the lore friendly cars people make and... I really wanna' mod my game now but I'm scared of getting banned from a game I've dumped way too much real-world money into lmfao

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Twitter, politics, mental health 

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the concept of "buy to play" video games is like the concept of "edible food" or "wearable pants"

something has gone wrong in the past to require you to add this modifier for clarification

I really gotta' be more active on Masto... I've been back on Twitter because everyone else calmed down about the Musk buyout and I didn't want to completely disconnect yet but The Almighty Algorithm has drawn me back in. :/

FOMO is a bitch.

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Y'know I've never seen or read Beastars and after watching the Youtube essay I just watched I think it's better I don't

Like, I think I'm much happier with the versions of the characters that exist in my head, the actual story seems too grimdark for me

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