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Happy Valenshine's Day from Canvas (SqueakyCanine on birbsite) and me. Art by Tea_Finch on birbsite.

"It's not every day that a yinglet walks into a portrait studio, but her money spends just the same as anyone else's. First scav I've seen without fur, though... and would you believe she squeaks when she walks? Weird."

YoungJinja didn't say that but they did draw this lovely portrait of Zeeeah.

Mmmm, marshmallows.

Nothing better than a night spent around the fire, enjoying the stars in the sky and a sweet treat. Except maybe doing so while being a squeaky doggocorn.

A beautifully adorable Inger by Aries (astarlitevening on birbsite)

Sometimes, you've just gotta make some noise, and it seems that Lily's Seveliten form is well suited to that indeed.

Art and Seveliten species are by FelisRandomis.

Happy parade day from a collection of many parade balloons! This year, looks like Landi's got top billing. One of few parade balloons that can happily give you a snug after the parade.

Landolphia parade balloon by Shokly.

Spyro is a wonderful dragon, but he had one fatal flaw - not shiny enough. Problem solved!

Always knew he'd look great in rubber.

Art by Silver (SilverDragon94 on birbsite)

It's important to know what you're getting into when dealing with a rubber ferret. Here's a handy guide to the features included with Static, one type of squeaky carpet shark.

Adorable art by _likeshine_ on birbsite.

21st century encabulation!

(for those unfamilar, this is a long-running joke series about technobabble)

HOWTO: Enjoy Autumn

1) Be crux
2) Be rubber
3a) If steps 1 or 2 are not currently possible, consult your local shiny crux
3b) Reflect on how autumn is a time for change and help critters with steps 1 & 2
4) Enjoy Autumn with your new rubber crux friends

A cute Ceru by KasumiBun

When zhey say 'win big', well, many zhings are big to a yinglet... at least compared to how many are big to... well, zhat's your old form now, isn't it? Welcome to zhe enclave. Here's a free ticket to zhe seafood buffet. Have a clem!

Zeeeah's Clams Casino by IndustriesKieli on birbsite.

Yinglets are Valsalia's creation.

The weather's getting cooler. Why not spend time within a warm, squeaky suit to keep you nice and comfy and held?

Landolphia (Landi to their friends) was drawn by SilverDragon94 on birbsite.

Not just cuddly, but aesthetic and cuddly!

Gosh, Crayola and I look so cute! Squishy, too! eeee~~~

An awesome birthday gift from
Crayola (squeakycanine on birbsite) drawn absolutely wonderfully by
Agent (RubberMutt on birbsite)

Did you know that you can make a birthday hats for shinies that stay on with a suction cup? Pop, here, demonstrates -- see? No string or elastic.

It's my birthday today, so have this picture of Pop celebrating his. Neon made him look so cute!

What's more cozy than spending some time with a close friend? Spending some time with a big, soft, warm, squeaky friend all cozy in your hoodie, of course. Looks like Mia and Lily (in a special shape) really hit it off.

Hornbuckle did an amazing job with this pic! So cozy <3

Working as a courier and an ambassador, Galvin gets sent to some unpleasant places. He thought he'd seen it all, but definitely wasn't ready for a Changeling hive. I wonder what'll happen next. At least being squeaky makes him easily cleaned.

Art by NX42System on birbsite some time ago

Echo being the perfect unicorn that she is.

Art by FelisRandomis.

It's rare that Eclipse spends any time anthro, but when she does, well, goodness, that's quite a look, isn't it?

Shiny monsters are the best monsters.

A lovely gift from Kirisha for my birthday last year, this was drawn by Quillu

This is what happens when you let your woerm get off its string.

Beware of pounces!

Woerm Lily is drawn by FelisRandomis.

Snow, having no form of her own, often takes the shape of a critter she takes a shine to. Zhis usually helps her blend in, but impersonating a Vizlet isn't zhe best of ideas.

She's sopretty zhis way, zhough...

Art is by Hornbuckle
Yinglets and Vizlet are ValSalia's creation.

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