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Happy Valenshine's Day from Canvas (SqueakyCanine on birbsite) and me. Art by Tea_Finch on birbsite.

There's just something about the feel of rain at the right time...

A lovely picture of Cee by RaptorPaws on birbsite.

Slipstream really loves her new headphones. What do you suppose she's listening to?

Art is by FelisRandomis.

Things to do on World Otter Day.

Model by Shade the Bat, color and texture are my fault.

hypno, latex, leash 

Seems like a good day for a rubber crux.

This is Flint, and he is shiny.

He's drawn by FelisRandomis

In addition to being useful, Elstiqs also make great cuddle hammocks, assuming you've got a couple trees available... as Crayola has clearly found out.

Adorable art by FelisRandomis

Oh. Well, that would do it.

COVID positive. Wheeeeeeee~

And I can't take the antivirals due to my heart medication. Joy.

When Hornbuckle did that beautfiul sketch page of Lily trying on new forms, I realized I really wanted to see Lily shifting into one rather fully, so here we have her shifting into her Slipstream shape. Gosh I absolutely adore this one.

Art is by ArtByHornbuckle on birbsite


A shiny Diane, because of course I'd want to nab her eventually.

A lovely picture by IndustriesKieli on birbsite

I'm also offering commissions, right now I have a special sale on half body sketches! Fill out the form to get one! #commissions #sale #sketch #furryart #dnd

Wait, I can do outfits, too?

I really enjoyed Lily-otter already, but picking up some clothing (and shining it) for her makes her model even better.

Model is by ShadeTheBat, shine is my fault (along with Lily's colors and that blue and gradient shirt design)

Otter-Lily is finished!

Added her piercings, tweaked the shaders for worlds with poor lighting (builders, please add reflection probes!), and removed fluff for better shine. So happy with the result!

Now to get her drawn...

Model base by ShadeTheBat, color/shine by me.

Thinking about a splashy friend today.

Raft'vali drawn by IndustriesKieli over on birbsite.

Sometimes, we all need a change in our life... and Ruby's happy to help, especially when that change involves a new, squeakier, bigger you, as RadiantHotcakes (on birbsite) found out.

Art is by ArtingMartini (also on birbsite)

Does an rubber border collie alien herd inflatable space sheep?

This cute Azqi is drawn by Cas.

It's Mer-May still, so have this version of Clarion that's been nabbed by Lily. Looks like you're going to have a tough time getting back to the surface without being shiny...

Art by Kieli. Fake water by me.

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