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Happy Valenshine's Day from Canvas (SqueakyCanine on birbsite) and me. Art by Tea_Finch on birbsite.


Static-yinglet experimenting with newfound flexibility (shiny + yinglet = double flexible hehe)

Art by the wonderful Likeshine. .

Yinglets are Valsalia's creation.

Another old halloween badge, since the con isn't happening this year. Pop makes a pretty cute Belladonna if you ask me. Such a fun costume.

Art by Likeshine.

Two of my favorite critters in one! Muahaha!

Art by Hornbuckle

Snow, get off my pumpkin pie, you're not whipped cream!

October foodie icon by FelisRandomis

Cruxtober, right? Still trying to figure out Ceru's nature a bit, so I grabbed this YCH from Pink Triangle. Have to say, I love the tail here.

Muahaha! A demony Ingersoll for Halloween.

Art by GlitzDrag0n

... I gotta stop forgetting to post these over here

Did you know that pirates also need accountants? Heck, sometimes they /are/ accountants, isn't that right, Abby?

Nightmare Night Abacus by Alasou.

Inspired by what is probably Abby's favorite short:

You'd think Halloween would be a stripey monster's favorite time of year, bur Coulis seems to be as grumpy as ever. I wonder what's got him so bothered now.

Wonderful art by
Hornbuckle (ArtByHornbuckle on birbsite)

I really haven't done enough with Dana's tail.

Art by Gnaiih on FA.

Ceru, what are you doing with that mallet?

A commission from
Latexia_ on birbsite
of my squeaky crux for Cruxtember.

If you've watched any of my recent Beat Saber streams, you'll probably recognize him. Gosh, this came out even better than I hoped.

Behold, my $22 DSLR.

What a lucky find. Only problem is that the flash won't stay closed but meh.

I often find myself unsure of which me to be.

This is one solution to that problem. A rather fun one.

Can you identify the over 20 shinies that make up this draconequus?

Amazingly done by

Time for Eris? Time for Eris.

Shiny Eris by Latexia_ on birbsite.

That moment when I realized Echo would make a lovely crux.

Nice of vr_zab to include a .blend file with the crux VR Chat avatar to experiment with. No, I wasn't intending this result, I clicked on the wrong shader and then went "ooh"

Might have to get Echo drawn this way...

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