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Happy Valenshine's Day from Canvas (SqueakyCanine on birbsite) and me. Art by Tea_Finch on birbsite.

Verilog has planned for a lot of eventualities during his space exploration, but being nabbed up and puffkissed into comfy furnishings for Eris (
@DiscordianEris on birbsite
) was definitely not one of them... not that he's complaining in the least. <3

Wonderfully fun artwork by GoatTrain

After following disjointed distress calls, authorities have found several ships adrift in space, seemingly abandoned, gashes in their hulls, bulkheads dissolved, systems damaged or even completely missing.

Eclipse is hungry.

Art by Hornbuckle

Looks like Ingersoll's going to make a very cute squeaky Silverstream... and is super happy about it.

I know I am. eeeeeee!

Art by Foxxy

It's a good day for a rubber Gadget.

...when *isn't* it a good day for that?

Art by Hornbuckle

It's bad enough to crash land on a planet, but to have the hull breached too? Bad news for Nomi when it's hot enough to make an Avali's blood boil. Luckily for him, his ship has a plan. Hopefully he'll get used to being made of nanotech-infused polymers...

In addition to robots, there are sailbots, and steambots.

fucked up that the UK just calls it a bank robbery and not a quidnapping

Only the best memories for Valenshine's Day with Canvas

Ingersoll and Canvas picture strip by TeaFinch. Canvas is SqueakyCanine on Twitter.

Dana is not exactly a fan of her day job, but it pays the bills. At least her dexterous tail is useful there... doubly so when customers get a bit unruly, as the overnight ones often do...

Wow, this came out simply wonderful. NeonPossum did such a great job on this.

Snow enjoys cosplaying as various critters using her limited shapeshifting abilities.

Certainly, others seemed to enjoy her Toriel and Sweetie.

Here she is doing her best Vizlet. I think she wears the shape well, don't you?

Art by Hornbuckle
Yinglets and Vizlet are Valsalia's creation.

A close winter moment with Canvas (who is SqueakyCanine on birbsite).

Art by Rudzik on FA

"Be the kind of person your future self won't regret having been. Shiny is that kind of person, foxtrot~"

Audie looks absolutely lovely all shined up like this, thanks to

I have to admit, I'd love to have that dress.

Looks like Verilog thought Static might make a cute proto. I'm inclined to agree, he's looking lovely already!

Awesomely drawn by

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