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Happy Valenshine's Day from Canvas (SqueakyCanine on birbsite) and me. Art by Tea_Finch on birbsite.

Ingersoll, taking a nice walk on a beautiful autumn day after being zhatzhinged.


Art by Karintina_art on birbsite.

sketchy i made last night. i'm kinda proud of it, may have to finish it up :KoboldUwU:

Feeling cute, may weh-heh later.

Static, after being zhat zhinged, drawn by Likeshine.

Life is full of ups and downs. Ingersoll is about to find out that that's doubly true for a carousel critter, thanks to Trask. Quite the odd feeling to have that pole installed...

This cuteness is by Arin, and Trask is TraskFox over on birbsite.


Box full of Cruxtember, that is.

Art by Shiro. Flint is mine.

Well that's not good... I guess we shouldn't have let Static get too obsessed with Eclipse ( )

Wonderful art by KasumiBun on FA

It's important to keep those important to you extra close... even if they go smoosh a bit when you do.

Adorable Crayola and Landi by Raptor_Toons on birbsite

Mood for the next 24-48 hours, at least until the storm blows me and my umbrella away.

Stormy day Dana by Reaux.

Vicki has some important information for you.

Wonderful art by Hornbuckle.
Phonodroids are Smorbee's creation.

Even this much coffee won't keep me going today.

Doggocorn frappe Inger by FelisRandomis.

if super mario odyssey is so good then why is there no super mario iliad

I guess Skyler heard there was a pool in need of toying in. Who knew a squeaky critter could be so strong?

Lovely crux Skyler by SilverDragon94 on birbsite

Static keeps ending up in all sorts of different shapes. I have no idea how he ended up a dragon this time, or where the glowy bits came from, but I think it's kind of pretty, don't you?

Art by Giaru and Sumi-adopts

Picked up a different protogen model to make into Verilog and the first pass looks promising! Just gotta update markings, do the medallion symbols, and polish a little more and he's there.

The base for this one is by Nicoreda.

What's better than a noodle derg? A squeaky noodle derg!

Alya just noodling about, by @FelisRandomis

Important guidance on how to properly care for an Avali.

Nomi silliness by FelisRandomis.

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