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I guess if I'm going as Ingersoll, I should probably post a picture of them, too. This is by Silver Dragon.

A giant accounting problem requires a giant accountant, clearly. Art by Shiro. Solstice belongs to Shai. Abacus is my fault entirely.

that didn't work for the Romans and it won't work for you

It's so much fun starting an Mack truck when it's well below freezing and hasn't been started for days. It's so pissed off that it has to truck. Chugging like an old airplane and belching smoke, shaking and shuddering. And the other drivers ask why I want the old truck hehe

To go with yesterday's Queen Novo, here's... Queen Novo, but this time as a Hippogryph. Art by Hornbuckle.

Rubber Queen Novo because of course I had to commission that. Art by Hornbuckle

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