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A revision to the typical Ingersoll. This is by Tallarra, who is super awesome.

Looks like Deercember has gotten to Jake, too. He makes a cuter deer toy than a dog, anyway. Art by Hornbuckle.

A badge of my grumpy kirin, Tei. Art by LucasRigbyArt on birbsite.

Shine, by Hornbuckle, because a little bit of jackal in a doeity is never a bad thing.

What's better than a chaos noodle? A large, shiny, squishy chaos noodle! Discord by Malevolified (on birbsite)

Static displaying the appropriate amount of cynicism to one of Mayhem's suggestions. She's probably trying to sell him something. She's always trying to sell something. Do not trust Mayhem. Art by Likeshine.

First snow of the year, time for a sleigh ride. Amber, Pop, and Twist by Rose Quoll

latex, transformation, stupid pun 

A belated birthday gift to Kirisha, I mean Spreading Shine, who's just ended up in the right shape and mind, thanks to a squeaky Eris. Art by Hornbuckle. ( A sort of follow-up to )

Ingersoll had a very stressful National Doughnut Day...

I'll show why once the artist posts all the doughnut day pics hehe

Art by FelisRandomis

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