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A revision to the typical Ingersoll. This is by Tallarra, who is super awesome.

Ferrets aren't very far from draconequui, are they. Certainly, Static is /really/ close to Eris right now. Art by Helix.

can you take my temperature I'm starting to feel a little horse

Snowball's Chance making a new friend... into another rubber hellpone. Art by DPragan. The pony-to-be is dreamingDust's.

Abby's getting ready for Nightmare Night. I think she makes a pretty cute Luna, don't you? Art by Likeshine.

Nightmare Moon wasn't prepared for what Maple's gift had done to her. This new rubbery form was perplexing. She was even less prepared for Maple to pounce her when she saw the result. Art by Cas.

The world's cutest superdog, now in squeaky and inverse flavors. Art by Silver Dragon.

Oh, dear. What *have* you gotten yourself into? Eris by Hornbuckle.

Good size for a squeaky Discord, don't you think? Art by GoatTrain

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