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A revision to the typical Ingersoll. This is by Tallarra, who is super awesome.

Echo bringing the best time: pizza time. ( By FelisRandomis )

Feeling like a chaotic day, so let's go with a rubber Discord, by Hornbuckle.

*Important Dragon Announcement*

Be sure to kiss your kobolds! They deserve recognition for all of their hard work.

*This Concludes The Announcement*

It's been a while since I posted anything with Snowball's Chance in it, so here's one by DPragan.

Looks like my shiny, squeaky, somewhat flowy Silverstream has all grown up... and she's found herself a little friend, too.

Art by Ovens on FA.

Snow makes a pretty good rubber Toriel, I think.

Art by milkandjuice

Ruby and Star Butterfly always seemed like a good fit to me. Art by komainumidoriyama

A very in-depth conversation between Crayola and me. Art by SmuppetFan69 on Birbsite.

Happy Valenshine's Day from Canvas (SqueakyCanine on birbsite) and me. Art by Tea_Finch on birbsite.

Maple (finally showing her real self) having some fun with Silverstream. Jowy (JowyBean on Birbsite)
did a simply amazing job on this, and is open for commissions, so definitely look into them if you want something like this!

Silverstream + Belladonna = one beautiful hellbirbhors. I think I'll call her Slipstream.

Art by Hornbuckle

Looks like Strawberry watched Airplane recently. Abacus is not amused. (Art by Likeshine)

Maple really enjoys ruffling Butcher's feathers. (Butcher and artwork by DonnyShears on Birbsite)

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