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A revision to the typical Ingersoll. This is by Tallarra, who is super awesome.

Props to the Amazon chat agent who offered to credit me $10 for the inconvenience of someone using my stolen credit card number on their Amazon account.

But... since I didn't receive the credit, I do believe they've gone and credited the thief $10. So... yeah.

One last big hug for the road. Miss you, Cetas.

Art by Hornbuckle

I just finished my first latex commission, a scarf with some frills on the ends. While I wouldn't normally take a commission (as I'm not up to that skill level yet), a friend decided they wanted something I thought I could do. Camera didn't cooperate, but here you go anyway.

Okay. So I didn't order this. Nor did any of my orders deliver today. Who the heck gifted me index cards?

Local chaos noodle fills entire room while being adorable. News at 11. Art by GoatTrain.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a tech support LARP.

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