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Happy Valenshine's Day from Canvas (SqueakyCanine on birbsite) and me. Art by Tea_Finch on birbsite.


Azqi walking Urixu (who belongs to Frisky-Lime), drawn by SilverDragon

It's been forever since I've posted anything of Project, so have a Project drawn by CunningFox ages ago.

Zeeeah, doing her best impression of a cute blue yinglet that caught her eye. Maybe you can help her find him.

Quite possibly the silliest thing I've had drawn by Hornbuckle
yet. Definitely a favorite sticker.

Yinglets and the inspiring blue cutie are Valsalia's.

That moment when wrong layer.

Art by AspenTangle but the screw-up is all mine.

You know it's serious when I go out and get a ref sheet (or two). Her outfit here is sort of her dream - she'd like to be a matriarch someday.

Zeeeah, the squeaky yinglet, by Zaezar (ZaezarDraws on birbsite)

Meanwhile, in a parallel dimension...

A YCH by Shinard on FA.

"You brought zhe clams?! Eeeeeeee!"

Awesome picture of Zeeeah by

Help, I zhink I'm trapped as a yinglet

Charlotte is the best character in that show and you'll never convince me otherwise.

Wonderful art by Hornbuckle.

Silverstream, before I answer, I have some questions...

Art by Felis Randomis

You'd totally trust this completely normal and not at all rubber or alien collie, right?

Azqi by Cas

Ingersoll's Summer of Pride (or, you know, June), by Lusty_Lamb on birbsite.

Sproingy doggocorn!

Ingersoll by FelisRandomis (on birbsite)

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