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A revision to the typical Ingersoll. This is by Tallarra, who is super awesome.

I've gotta give Maple credit. I can barely make a balloon dog with hands, let alone hooves. Art by @DotRook

Bonus pic for day 1, "Too Big".

Maple finds that squeaky Changeling queens need to be careful of who they nab indoors!

Art by @goattrain


"Dad, the monsters under my bed are gone!"
"Yes, they are under the bookshelf. To be isolated at a safe distance."
"But then they'll read all my books!"
"That will give you something to talk about."
"Oh. Well, fine. But no slobbering!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Contrasted with yesterday, when you dream small, you can end up having some trouble, as well. One little trip and you can end up underhoof. Or maybe it's just a back massage?

Cute sketch by Tallarra. Vaguely related to theme 2 of Caudle's , too.

The trouble with dreaming big is that you might not be able to fit through the door once you wake up.

Ingersoll by GoatTrain.


Still one of my very favorite commissions: Abby and Luna by GoatTrain.

How to make a squeaky dook, or, one of many ways Static could have happened. Art by Dice

more cool retrofuturism! RT :

"conceptualizing ideas... their main gimmick is that they have a vinyl record that has samples they use to form speech and they can also play music bbbbbbbb"

The switch in Animal Crossing is priced at 29,980 bells. This is its real world price in Japanese yen, or $269.69~ (nice). With this info, we can extrapolate the prices of other objects in Animal Crossing. This means a tarantula costs $72.

This alien Dook ( @TastyTrissie ) does not yet realize that he was totally nabbed the moment Snow laid eyes upon him. He's so doomed. Art by Likeshine.

Somehow, I feel that this is all Ruby's fault. Still, I bet Pop's having a lot of fun with that big Echo, even if he's clearly going to end up inside.

Art by TCA... 10 years ago? Wow.

An absolutely beautifully done Maple by KRD (KRDs_Cloud on birbsite)

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